Can I swim at Cowes Beach?

Can I swim at Cowes Beach?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/18/2023

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Cowes is a beautiful seaside town on Phillip Island.

Cowes is under a two-hour drive out of Melbourne and is the main town on Phillip Island. The island is a popular day trip destination in Victoria where people spend the day seeing the beaches and the amazing wildlife.

You can swim at Cowes Beach but only during the summer months! Cowes Beach usually has calmer waters perfect for swimming and letting small children splash around at the bay.

In summer there will be flags to swim between with lifesavers patrolling the beach.

Where else can I swim?

Phillip Island has many different swimming and surfing locations. For similar beaches to Cowes Beach, check out San Remo Back Beach, Red Rocks Beach, Silverleaves Beach, and Ventnor Beach.
But if you want to catch some waves then Smiths Beach is perfect for you.

Ensure you only swim or go surfing during the summer months between the flags where lifesavers patrol it.

Things to do near Cowes

Cowes is the main town on Phillip Island with a lot of things you can do nearby. Make sure you have a car to get around!

Penguin Parade

A short 15-minute drive from Cowes is Phillip Islands’ main attraction, the Penguin Parade. Each sunset down at Summerland Beach is where the Penguin Parade is held where you can watch the cute little penguins waddle up the beach.

To get the best view of the penguins, we recommend going down early or upgrading your ticket. Make sure you book tickets early as the Penguin Parade can often sell out early!

Seal Rocks

Keeping on theme with wildlife, down at Seal Rocks (near The Nobbies), you can spot some adorable fur seals! Seal Rocks is one of the best places to see these goofy creatures in their natural habitat.

Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit

Auto enthusiasts could tell you all about Phillip Island’s Grand Prix Circuit. Every year the track has racing events from the Supercars Championship, World Superbike, and MotoGP.

Not only do these iconic racing series take place here, but you can also go on a Hot Lap to be driven around the track and have fun with Go Karting!

The best time to visit Phillip Island and Cowes Beach is during summer! You can spend a day in Phillip Island or across a weekend and explore more of the island.

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