Do you have to pay to visit Churchill Island?

Do you have to pay to visit Churchill Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/17/2022

Reading time: 2 mins

Churchill Island, off the coast of much larger Phillip Island, is one of the region’s ultimate family fun activities.

With everything from blacksmithing demos to cow milking, sheep shearing and whip cracking on the itinerary, Churchill Island is the perfect way to start your family-friendly Philly adventure!

Not only this, but the island is home to some awesome nature walks, digital quests and cycling trails, adding to the fun and adventure for you and your little ones.

Prices for Churchill Island are as follows:

● Adult (16 years+) – $13.50
● Child (4-15 years) – $6.75
● Family (2 adults and 2 children) – $33.75
● Australian Pensioner (ID required) – $9.40
Churchill Island is easily one of the best ways to spend the day with your fam when visiting Phillip Island, as well as these other wholesome experiences:

Penguin Parade

Another joyous activity, the Penguin Parade is like nothing else you’ll see in Australia! It is the time of day when Phillip island’s resident penguin population come waddling up the seashore, hopefully with their little beaks full of a day’s catch!

The Penguin Parade can be enjoyed from a range of viewing options, including an underground bunker that puts you at eye level with these adorable little creatures.

When visiting with the littlies, it’s important to factor in the time of year, as winter can get pretty frightful on the island but the parade starts later in the evening in summer. But if your kids are the type to love staying up past their bedtime then we say that’s your best bet!

Seal Rocks

Because you can’t have one without the other (the Penguin Parade and Seal Rocks, that is). Located just around the corner from the legendary parade is the also-awesome Seal Rocks – the place where you can spy some 20,000 fur seals frolicking on the rocks just a little while off the coast.

Pack your binoculars or secure a spot at one of the viewing platforms – you’ll want to get a good glimpse of this spectacle – it’s just so much fun!

Koala Conservation Reserve

The Koala Conservation Reserve is the perfect place to see these most loveable tree chillers relaxing in their element. Take a boardwalk tour and see the adorable koala do pretty much what they’re famous for: lazing about and being cute…

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