Fairy Penguins

Fairy Penguins, as their name suggests are the smallest of the Penguins which makes them particularly appealing. They are also known as the Little Blue Penguins because of their appearance. They are usually about 15 inches tall and have blue/grey bodies and flippers. They have a white tummy and throat. Their eyes are silvery grey and they have pink feet and a black beak.

Fairy Penguins are only found in the south of the equator in Southern Australia and New Zealand. They live in burrows, which are tunnels that lead to caves that they can stand up in. Fairy Penguin Chicks only live in their parent’s nests for eight weeks, and then they have to leave and make their own homes. See hundreds of these little penguins waddle ashore every night on the Phillip Island Tours that we have to offer.

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