How do you get from Churchill to Phillip Island?

How do you get from Churchill to Phillip Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/07/2021

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Churchill Island is just one of the many reasons Phillip Island has long been one of Australia’s favourite getaways.

Churchill Island Nature Parks, Phillip Island

Connected by bridge to the much larger Phillip Island, Churchill Island is one of the area’s most beloved family outings, complete with a quaint heritage farm and a bunch of beautiful cycling and walking tracks.

For animal and nature lovers visiting Phillip Island, a trip to its smaller neighbour simply can’t be passed up, and here is why!

Have the best day out at the heritage farm

Churchill Island proudly boasts one of Australia’s most exciting heritage farms. Having been founded as the first European gardens in Victoria, today the farm offers a selection of uber fun activities for kids and adults alike to enjoy year-round!

The Churchill Island heritage farm is like stepping back in time to when things were much more simple. Awesome activities include watching a master blacksmith at work, or taking part in sheep shearing or cow milking. Visitors can even take it up a notch with a spot of whip cracking!

In between these activities, visitors get to continue with the slower pace of the island, meandering around its tranquil coastal bay trails and trying their luck at spotting some of the region’s unique birdlife from the designated spotting huts.

After all that excitement, you and the family are probably going to relax and refresh, and the farm’s cafe is the perfect place to do, with a charming deck the setting for some of Western Port’s best produce being served up on your plate – how delightful!

Back on Philly

Now that you’ve had a fun filled day out on Churchill Island, it’s time to enjoy the rest of your getaway on Phillip Island itself! Phillip Island is the ultimate family or nature lover’s getaway, with a host of activities and adventures making it the perfect place to take a weekend or more with loved ones.

Learn one of Australia’s favourite watersports by surfing at either Cape Woolamai or the National Surfing Reserve before dipping under the water for an incredible snorkelling adventure at Kitty Miller Bay (here you can spot zebrafish, Port Jackson sharks, Victorian scalyfins and more!).

But no trip to Phillip Island is complete without heading down to watch the loveable penguins waddle in after a day’s fishing. The Penguin Parade runs nightly throughout the year, with times varying between the winter and summer months (when the little penguins decide it’s time to come in for the day).

This is an experience everyone will enjoy and is one of the best reasons to get down to Phillip Island and its little neighbour Churchill Island.

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