How far is it from Melbourne to Phillip Island?

How far is it from Melbourne to Phillip Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/05/2019

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Find out how long it takes to travel to Phillip Island from Melbourne’s city centre!

The superb area of Phillip Island may be famous for its Penguin parade but has a bucket load more to offer. Featuring unique wildlife, pristine beaches, and a charming farming community. Listed as one of Victoria’s most popular tourist destinations, the Phillip Island is well worth the trek. Melbourne is the most popular starting point for Phillip Island travellers, with many basing themselves in Melbourne before their day or weekend-long trip South. But how far does it actually take to get there? Take a look at the travel options available and find out which one works best for you!

The Distance

The complete distance between Melbourne and Phillip Island is around 142km, rounding up to a couple hours’ drive from the city centre. There are numerous ways to travel there, all ranging in time, cost, and experience. Simply work out what works best for you and get ready for a day (or weekend) full of delights!

  • By Train and ferry

    If you enjoy smooth travels with some stunning scenic surrounds, this route is for you. You have to start of taking two trains, so start by hopping on an inner-city train to Frankston, which takes around an hour to get to. Then take a mere 35 minutes train to reach Stony Point where you will get a taste of sea air. Jumping on a ferry for 45 minutes and whiz past the stunning sprawling hilltops as you cruise through the deep blue sea water. If you have mapped out your route times correctly, you can simply hop off the transports onto the next one without fuss. If this is done, it usually only takes a couple hours all up.

  • By Car

    Like to be an independent traveller? Hiring a car or using your own can ease your worries about time schedules and ticket purchases, with all you need is a full tank of petrol. You can either take the ferry to Phillip island if you’d rather not take the bridge. All up it takes about an hour and a half to drive there, with this travel option by far the most popular transport used. The only issue you may face is parking, with different areas having different parking facilities and restrictions. So, make sure to research beforehand to all the attractions you are interested in.

  • By Tour

    By far the easiest way to travel to Phillip Island is by the tour bus. Companies who offer you a day, a weekend, or even longer to enjoy this stunning scenery. Promising you the very best of what Phillip Island has to offer while you sit back and enjoy the show. No planning needed, simply purchase the ticket prior to the tour date and get ready for an unforgettable adventure. Many tours range in time and attractions, with some being a full day of Phillip Island activities, others being just evening trips for Penguin Parade alone, and others that let you really immerse in the scnery on multi-day adventures!

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