How long does the Penguin Parade last?

How long does the Penguin Parade last?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/24/2021

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Come down to Phillip Island and see the cute little penguins waddle along the beach at the Penguin Parade.

The Penguin Parade is Phillip Island’s most popular activity, perfect for the whole family to enjoy!  Watch as the cute little penguins waddle ashore towards their burrows after a long day of fishing.

Generally speaking, the Penguin Parade lasts an hour, though most people arrive an hour earlier and spending two hours here. This will allow you to get the best viewing spot of the penguins and a chance to explore the visitor centre. The visitor centre is also opened from 4 PM if you wish to go earlier.

Given that you get an awesome hour or two out of the experience, what are some of the other awesome Phillip Island activities you can take part in before the little penguins stroll up the sand?

Before the Penguin Parade starts, let’s take a look into what you can do on Phillip Island for the day.

It’s one of Australia’s best surf spots

Phillip Island is a great place to catch some amazing waves. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there are plenty of waves for all experience levels to catch.

If you have a few years of experience, Cape Woolamai is the perfect place for you. For those who are quite new to surfing, head down to Smiths Beach for some more chilled swells.

It’s an animal lover’s paradise

Phillip Island Penguin

Phillip Island claims its spot as one of Australia’s best places to see unique wildlife! Of course, the island is mainly known for the little penguins at the Penguin Parade, but it’s also home to a diverse animal population.

Around the corner from the Nobbies Centre is Seal Rocks, an important breeding and nursery area for the 20,000 Australian fur seals! Anytime you go to Seal Rocks, there are always about 5000 to 8000 seals here.

See a collection of Aussie wildlife like kangaroos, koalas, and kookaburras at the Phillip Island Wildlife Park. Or go snorkelling and check out the huge array of marine life.

During the winter months, you could be lucky enough to spot a couple of humpbacks, southern rights, or killer whales! From late May to September, join a whale watching cruise or do the Whale Discovery trail and try your luck spotting these majestic creatures.

Explore the underwater with snorkelling or diving

Snorkelling and diving are great adventures on Phillip Island. There are numerous dive spots providing opportunities for the island’s unique sea life. The Pinnacles, The Gardens, Gull Island offer inspiring diving sites with plenty of coral and unique fish species weaving around the seabeds.

If snorkelling is more your thing to spot marine life, Kitty Miller Bay is one of Victoria’s best snorkelling spots.

Have a beer at a local brewery or visit a winery

The Rusty Water Brewery is the perfect place to have lunch and a beer before continuing your Phillip Island adventure. The beers are great, the food is excellent and the service even better – a wonderful place to try local food and beverage.

If wine is more your taste, Philip Island Winery offers you a relaxed cellar door experience. Soak up the afternoon overlooking the landscape and enjoy a local premium wine.

Taste the local delicious chocolate

Try some of Victoria’s very best chocolate at the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory. The chocolate factory is essential to visit to taste the delicious chocolate, relax at the cafe for a meal, and to see the world’s largest chocolate waterfall.

Phillip Island is an adventure lover’s paradise, but it can be rather difficult to get to the island by public transport. We highly recommend booking a one day tour if you don’t have a car to drive. A Philip Island tour typically involves seeing the penguins at the Penguin Parade, a trip to the Nobbies, a beach walk, and more!

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