How to Spend a Weekend at Phillip Island?

How to Spend a Weekend at Phillip Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 07/01/2019

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Phillip Island; a pristine paradise bursting with endless coastlines and wildlife. Perfect for a relaxing vacation away from the hustling busy city life of Melbourne. But what can you actually do in this Victorian paradise? Look no further, for our travel guide for a weekend at the glorious Phillip Island will help you plan your next getaway!

  • Penguin Parade

    It comes to no surprise to most when reading this that the first activity on our list is the Penguin Parade. This experience has put Phillip Island on the map, becoming well known for being the home for the famous little penguin. Standing only an average of 33 centimetres, these miniature penguins make their homes in the sandy shores of the coast, nestling in deep underground burrows once the sun sets. For the rest of their time, they head out to the deep sea, swimming the entire day and hunting for delicious seafood snacks. Therefore, the only time us humans can get a look at these cute creatures if after they leave the sea, but before they head underground.

    This led to the penguin parade; the time when the herds of penguins slowly waddled up to the shore. It first started with families sitting along the beach but has grown to approximately 3.5 million people visiting the beach area annually. With Penguin Parade now promising an array of viewing platforms for all to watch the colony. Learn about these incredible creatures as you watch them head off to bed after the sun sets over the coast.

  • Koala Conversation Centre

    See another favourite Australian animal; the koala! The Koala conservation centre is different is unlike a zoo, with wild animals in their natural habitat free of cages. This centre merely gives guests the ability to see these wild animals up close and personal, installing tall and extensive boardwalks around the bushland. A ecotourism facility helps Phillip Island’s koala population thrive, with other adjoining animals such as birds, wallabies, echidnas and bats as well flourishing.

  • Churchill Island Heritage Farm

    Discover the heritage of Phillip Island with their farmland region. The very first European settlers on Phillip Island were farmers, building cottages and European styled gardens. Visit Churchill Island and catch a glimpse of what it would have been like in the early settler’s time while meeting all the local cows, goats, chickens, and more.

  • Woolamai Beach

    Known as the longest and most exposed beach in Phillip Island, Woolamai Beach measures up to 4.2 kilometres in length. Due to its picture-perfect gold sands and large waves, it has become one of the most popular surf destinations in Victoria, bringing both locals and tourists to its shore. Nearby the beach is Cape Woolamai, which is the tallest point on the entire island. Trek up to the lookout spot for a guaranteed breathtaking view!

  • Phillip Island’s Wineries

    What’s more relaxing than to sit back and relax with a glass of local wine? Phillip Island only has two wineries, including Phillip Island Winery and Purple Hen Winery, with a couple breweries scattered about as well. Enjoy your wine or beer along with a delicious lunch, enjoying the stunning surrounds of greenery around the winery.

  • Chocolate Factory

    If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, pop in for a visit with the Island’s delicious Chocolate Factory. With mouth-watering chocolate treats right out of the oven, you can sample and purchase as many as your wallet can handle.

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