Phillip Island and its Unique Landscape

Phillip Island is a popular tourist hotspot that sits off the coast of Melbourne. It was named after the first Governor or New South Wales, Arthur Phillip, and provides a wonderfully unique landscape for visitors to explore and if you are visitng Melbourne a Phillip Island Tour is a must.

Sprawling out across 26km lengthways and 9km widthways, it acts as a breakwater for the lively waves of the Western Port. Phillip Island is famed in particular for its array of beaches and, with a coastline of 97km, there’s a stretch of sand for every taste – from surf bays and family-friendly shores to havens of wildlife and rugged, secluded coves.

But Phillip Island isn’t just a day-trip destination. As of 2011, there are around 9,500 permanent inhabitants of the island, which seems to be increasing steadily each year. However, in summer, where the tourist crowds flock in, this number bloats to around 40,000.

For the most part, Phillip Island boasts an agricultural landscape and is peppered with a number of farms. This introduces visitors to the local way of living, and they are free to purchase fresh produce from any number of the farm shops.

Perhaps one of the biggest draws of Phillip Island, though, besides its spectacular landscape, is its climate. Boasting much milder weather than Melbourne, it offers a breezy respite from the hot shores of the Australian mainland. In fact, its climate tends to be more in line with northern New Zealand than Australia – a definite bonus during the sun-baked summer months.

There are a huge selection of things to see and do on Phillip Island, too, including numerous animal encounters and beachside walks. Most famously, there is the Penguin Parade at the Phillip Island Nature Park, which sees little penguins waddling up the shore every evening as the sun sets. It’s one of the only areas in the world where this species of penguin can be seen, and it draws in thousands of visitors every single year.

It’s not just the penguins that call Phillip Island home, either. In fact, there are a wide range of plant and animal species, including a whole host of bird species, native Burrunan dolphins, Orcas, and humpback whales. The island is a great viewing point for the ocean life, which is one of the biggest draws for nature lovers.

Phillip Island is also a major surfing destination, and is considered to have some of the most reliable surf conditions in the whole of Australia. There’s also the Churchill Island Working Horse extravaganza and the Pioneer Festival which are huge hits with visitors.

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