Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

Phillip Island may be famed for its waddling penguins, brilliant beaches and beautiful scenery but for connoisseurs of all things sweet the chocolate factory is sure to satiate. The home of Panny’s Chocolate is a smorgasbord of sheer delight, celebrating everything chocolate with a melt in the mouth experience. You can watch the handmade Belgian chocolates turn from cocoa bean into a delicious bar, play plenty of games, taste the true delights and of course peruse the colourful shelves boasting every kind of chocolate treat imaginable.

An Amazing World of Adventure

In Pannys amazing world of chocolate, children and adults will adore the interactive exhibitions that each you all about the production of every sweet morsel made on Philip Island. Push buttons, pull levers, press your nose against the glass and admire the humming conveyer belts as they squeeze out candy after candy. Get creative with the chocolate bar making machine with an exciting and extraordinary array of fillings, skip through chocolate creations out of this world with everything from art to vintage posters and even see a mini train set made of pure chocolate.

Chocolate Fondue and Fresh Coffee

After a morning relishing in the creative curation of the world’s best chocolate you can swing into the chocolate café. Families can linger over the famous chocolate fondue, dipping strawberries and searing marshmallows in the decadent gooey dip for a heavenly experience. Order up a delectable hot coffee served with the special white truffle or sip a glass of Australian wine paired with an extravagant sundae for the ultimate sweet lunch time treat.

Sweet Treats to Take Home

The finishing touch on your Phillip Island chocolate factory visit has to be a stop in the charming old world style chocolate shop. This is the perfect place to pick up tasty souvenirs and treats to take back home. You can find huge chocolate boxes wrapped in ribbon, heady chocolate blocks to break into pieces for sharing and chocolates carved into your favourite Australian creatures that the children are sure to love.

Where Dreams Come True

A day out on Phillip Island is always a treat blending the beauty of the great outdoors with the chance to see baby penguins in their natural habitat. Yet no adventure to the green and blue island would be complete without a visit to the chocolate factory, the place where dreams come true and taste buds will tingle with sweet chocolate stuck to the roof of your mouth.


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