San Remo Bridge: The Gateway to Phillip Island

San Remo Bridge: The Gateway to Phillip Island

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/30/2018

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This small seaside town of Victoria acts as the entrance to the beloved Phillip Island!

Phillip Island is a haven for wildlife lovers and a popular place for tourists to visit during their time in Australia. The island itself is connected to mainland Victoria by the San Remo bridge which was opened in 1971. Before that, there was a smaller bridge subject to strict load limits, but now tourists and traffic is free-flowing between both sides.

The History of San Remo Bridge

Early settlers in this part of Australia used to carry their stock and supplies by sailing ship from Western Port to Port Phillip Bay and back. It was a pretty hazardous journey. Alternatively, traders could row to the Mornington Peninsula and then hop on a coach to Melbourne, but soon after the Koo-wee-rup swamp was drained, vehicles could finally reach Griffith’s Point (which is now known as San Remo).

From there, people could row across The Narrows to Newhaven, though stock had to swim across between 1908 and 1920. It was after this that a suspension bridge was built to connect the two parts, making transporting stock and supplies much, much easier.

Things to Do Around San Remo Bridge

The San Remo bridge not only marks the gateway to Phillip Island, but it also begins in a charming seaside town that’s famed for its fishing and dining options. Keep your eyes peeled for pelicans and other exotic birds as they hunt along the foreshore.

  • Try Your Hand at Fishing

    Do as the locals do and try your hand at fishing in San Remo. The village is known for its large shark fishing fleet, and tourists can often be seen casting a line off the jetty or joining a fishing charter and heading out to sea.

  • Enjoy the Food

    Because of its rich fishing history, San Remo is bursting with delicious seafood flavours. Check out the fresh ingredients at the San Remo Fisherman’s Cooperative, or try out one of the hotels that flank the foreshore for a gourmet meal.

  • Explore the Culture

    As well as local restaurants, San Remo is full of quaint cafes and lively pubs, as well as galleries and artisan stores selling handmade jewellery, homewares, and everything in between.

  • Soak Up the Views

    The sea views from San Remo are spectacular, and you can wander in the footsteps of the early settlers on one of the many walks that weaves through the area. Discover the rugged cliffs on the George Bass Coastal Walk or feel the sane between your toes on deserted beaches around Quarry Rocks.

    See the Pelicans

One of the best attractions in San Remo is its daily Pelican Feeding! Head to the town’s shore at noon, and join in with the area’s fishermen as they feed the local pelicans. This feeding tradition has been a daily occurrence for years and allows visitors to get up close to the pelicans as they enjoy their lunch for the day!

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