How to see the animals at Phillip Island

Just a short drive from the bustling city of Melbourne, Phillip Island is a central hub for Australian wildlife. With natives swarming both the land and the surrounding seas, it is one of the best places to see these iconic creatures face to face.

How to See the Koalas

The cuddly-looking koalas are one of Australia’s most prized possessions, with their signature grey and white fur and sleepy eyes scattering the country’s bushland. If you are wanting to see these on your Phillip Island adventure, the Koala Conservation Centre is defiantly the way to go. The centre has raised boardwalks that let visitors reach the highest tops of trees, exactly where these cute creatures hang out. Instead of squinting your eyes, come up close and personal with these animals, allowing you to truly see how amazing these koalas truly are.

How to See the Little Penguins

These little penguins are the main feature of Phillip Island, with the majority of tourists visiting the island merely to see these cute creatures. The only way you can see them is by joining the penguin parade, a platform that offers you front row seats to the penguins. Little penguins spend a large portion of their day in the ocean hunting but guaranteed every night after the sunsets, they will waddle up to shore to head to their nests for the night. Sit and watch their little bodies making the trek to bed as you hear all about their daily lives from the professional staff nearby.

How to See the Kangaroos

Visit the family-owned Maru Koala and Animal Park to see the famous Kangaroos. Here there are not just kangaroos on offer, but a surplus of native animals, including koalas, wombats, and snakes. However, if you pay just a bit extra during your visit, you can enjoy a close encounter to pat, feed, or pose for a photo with the iconic kangaroo or even joey!

How to See the Whales

If you are travelling between May to October, the humpback and southern right whales may be roaming the nearby seas! Either head to the coastal lookouts or head out on a boat cruise and see these guys up close. You won’t believe the true size of these animals until you see them in person.

How to See the Seals

Seals are a huge part of life on Phillip Island, and Seal Rocks is the best place to watch all the action unfold. Here, the local colony of 25,000 Australian fur seals bask in the afternoon sun, play with their mates, and dip into the ocean to hunt for their next supper. Visitors can watch from the shore or venture out on a wildlife cruise to watch the seals as they flit between the waves out at sea.

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