The best breakfast spots in Phillip Island

The best breakfast spots in Phillip Island

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 06/02/2020

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Discover the very best cafes and coffee to start your day before exploring Phillip Island!

Phillip Island is a thriving hub of native wildlife, full of stunning beaches and scenic views. Due to the nature overload, many people forget or don’t even know about the many things the island has to offer. One thing Phillip Island is good for is the endless range of stunning and tasty breakfast spots you can go to.

Before you start trekking off to this wonderland, find out what cafes are best for your morning coffee and eggs.

  • Burnt Toast

Nestled in Cape Woolamai is where you can get outstanding coffee and breakfast from Burnt Toast. The cafe offers all day breakfast along with some assorted cakes, pies, and the very best sausage rolls. Stop by for an early breakfast with options of toasties, smashed avo, pancakes, and much more!

  • BEANd

Credit: Destination Phillip Island

For coffee lovers, head down to BEANd! Here is where you can enjoy freshly roasted coffee, along with some incredible tasting food. The boutique cafe is small and cosy, jam-packed in the morning with visitors either grabbing a coffee to go or a delicious serving of brekkie.

Credit: Destination Phillip Island

  • Mon Dieu

Mon Dieu is an award-winning French fusion cafe located in the heart of Cowes along Church Street. Mon Dieu focuses on fresh and healthy food, clearly a local’s favourite cafe. The cafe offers an all day menu including eggs benedict, hotcakes, crushed avo bruschetta, burger, and many more delicious meals.

  • Island Whole Foods

Credit: Destination Phillip Island

For an all day breakfast (and even lunch) spot, Island Whole Foods is perfect for vegetarians and vegans. Everything on the menu is 100% plant-based, with innovative cuisines such as pancakes, burgers, nachos and more available! Even if you aren’t a vegetarian or vegan, this menu can satisfy all, with most cuisines tasting just as good as their meat alternatives.

Credit: Destination Phillip Island

  • The Haven Wave Cafe

If you have spare time in the morning, the Haven Wave Cafe is the spot to come and relax at. Located near a famous ‘Big Wave’ sculpture where many visitors come by the cafe is a great spot to head to after taking your picture at the wave. Dig into the delicious hearty food on offer and sip on the locally sourced coffee!

After you’ve fuelled up from breakfast, here’s a list of things you should be checking out on Phillip Island!

  • See the penguins at the Penguin Parade

Without a doubt, the Penguin Parade is Phillip Island’s most popular attraction. People from far and wide come to Phillip Island for the Penguin Parade, just to see the little penguins. Every evening at sunset, you’ll be able to see hundreds of little penguins arrive at Summerland Beach.

  • Discover Churchill Island

Perfect for the whole family, Churchill Island takes you back in time into another era. Just across a bridge from Phillip Island, you can spend a day exploring Churchill Island from the island markets to the visitor centre and walking trails. There are even opportunities to ride on a wagon, milk the cows, and even crack a whip!

  • See the cute koalas

Credit: Destination Phillip Island

Phillip Island is home to one of Australia’s most iconic animals, the koala! Over at the Koala Conservation Centre is where you can see a handful of koalas in their natural habitat. Typically, you’ll spot the koalas in the eucalyptus trees either sleeping or munching on the leaves.

Explore their natural habitat along two of the elevated boardwalks, which provide you with the chance to come face to face with these cuddly animals. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for some other wildlife include echidnas, wallabies, and colourful birds.

  • Taste local chocolate

Credit: Destination Phillip Island

For the chocolate lovers, ensure you head down to the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory! Here you can try some of the tastiest chocolate, along with other treats. There is also a cafe to fill up on mouthwatering food and a chance to try the hot chocolate.

Visitors tend to spend a day, a weekend or even a week exploring the best parts of Phillip Island. No matter how long you’re gone for, ensure you check out one of the local cafes, see the penguins, and take in the breathtaking coastal views.

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