The best breakfast spots in Phillip Island

The best breakfast spots in Phillip Island

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 06/02/2020

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Find out where you can start the day during your weekend trip to Phillip Island!

Phillip Island is a thriving hub of native wildlife, full of stunning beaches, rich bushland, and incredible wildlife. Due to the nature overload, a lot of people forget about the other great things Phillip Island has to offer. Including their endless range of stunning breakfast spots. Before trekking off to this wonderland, find out what cafes are best for your morning coffee and eggs.

  • Mad Cowes Café

    One of the area’s great foodie spots, offering great food and views overlooking the water! Madcowes cafe and food store offer exceptional food made from produce around the region, giving you a delicious breakfast or lunch. While also offering a package of home-cooked goods for you to take back home to make yourself! Their roast beef sandwich is particularly popular, even making the top food list on Lonely Planet!

  • Cheeky Goose Café

    This café is great for the history buffs, as it is situated in a historic church. Built-in 1933, the Cowes Tudor Church has a long history with Phillip Island’s community. It was left abandoned later in its life, where café owner Robert van den Brink bought it and transformed it into a cosy and stylish restaurant. The menu is ever-changing, with seasonal menus usually local produce around the region. Visitors can enjoy a cosy breakfast and coffee or a hearty lunch to refuel amidst their exploring.

  • BEANd

    If you are a picky coffee drinker, this place is perfect for you! As you can probably guess from its name, BEANd is all about the coffee! With a passion of freshly roasted coffee, serving it alongside a range of good food! The boutique café is small and cosy, jam-packed in the morning with visitors either grabbing a coffee to go or a delicious serving of breakie.

  • Island Whole Foods

    This All-day breakfast and lunch spot is truly a unique spot to visit, with this unique feature being that it is a completely plant-based café. Everything on the menu is 100 per cent plant-based, with innovative cuisines such as pancakes, burgers, nachos and more available! Even if you aren’t a vegan or vegan, this menu can satisfy all, with most cuisines tasting just as good as their meat alternatives!

  • The Haven Wave Café

    If you have a little longer to kill in this morning, the Haven Wave Café is a great spot to come and relax at. Located near a famous ‘Big Wave’ sculpture where many tourists visit, the café is a great spot to head to after taking your picture at the wave. Dig into the delicious hearty grub on offer and sip on the locally sourced coffee!

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