The Best Things to do on Phillip Island

Located just off the coast of Southern Australia, Phillip Island offers a rural paradise that is home to an abundance of wildlife and fun things to do. It is predominantly known for its motor circuit and its collection of animals – think cute penguins and cuddly koalas.

The island is all about the simple way of life, and you can learn how the locals live by checking out heritage sites and fresh produce farms.

Ready to explore? Here are some of the best things to do.

Hit the Beach

The coast surrounding Phillip Island is absolutely spectacular, with sprawling white sands and endless turquoise waters. There is a beach to suit every taste and mood, too, from the surf paradise of Cape Woolamai Surf Beach to the family friendly sands of Cowers Beach.

Watch the Penguin Parade

The Penguin Parade is one of Phillip Island’s best-loved activities. In the evening, hundreds of Little Penguins make their way up the beach to bed down for the night, and visitors can watch on as they waddle up the sands. As well as the chance to see these cute creatures up close, you can learn more about their history, behavior, and habitat through a range of interactive displays.

Churchill Heritage Farm

Learn more about local life at the Churchill Heritage Farm, which is on another small island connected to Phillip Island by a bridge. It is a traditional working farm, and visitors have the chance to muck in with milking cows and shearing sheep. There are plenty of views to soak up here, too, particularly of Western Port and Bass.

See the Grand Prix Circuit

Grand Prix enthusiasts will want to check out the island’s circuit. When there are no big races like the Moto GP on, you can try out the electronic games room and explore the different sections of the track.

Cuddle a Koala

The Koala Conservation Centre is a huge draw for visitors to Phillip Island. Amongst its lush vegetation and eclectic array of birds and wildlife, you can learn all about the cute koala – and even hold one, if you’re lucky.

Fur Seals at Nobbies

If penguins and koalas weren’t enough, you can also discover the largest colony of Fur Seals in Australia on Phillip Island. At the Nobbies Centre you can admire the marvelous views and spot the numerous Fur Seals as they laze about on unique rock formations.

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