Which is the best Phillip Island Tour?

Which is the best Phillip Island Tour?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 06/25/2019

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Phillip Island promises outstanding coastal sights and an abundant amount of Australian wildlife.

A short drive from Melbourne, Phillip Island is perfect for a one-day adventure or a weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. As it is so popular, we have a number of tours on offer, with each one sure to satisfy even the fussiest traveller.

  • 1 Day Phillip Island Tour

    1 Day Phillip Island Tour

    Adult: $115
    Children (2-12): $85

    Our regular Phillip Island Tour is conducted on a 24-seater Mitsubishi Rosa bus. Operating daily from 9:15am-9:00pm (April-September) or 11:15-12:00am (October-March). It promises a full day of adventure on the island with wildlife, history, and excitement on offer. The daytime activities include a visit to the Australian Wildlife Park, with friendly kangaroos, koalas, and more to meet. As well as a stop into the Grand Prix Circuit, which has held some of the biggest competitive races in the world. Next stop will be the Nobbies Information Centre, where guests can learn the history of the land while enjoying the many walking tracks and great lookout points around. Finally, you will make your way to Penguin Parade, enjoying seeing the cute little creatures on the sandy beach. The coach will head back to the city but not before stopping for a delicious dinner (which is at your own expense).

  • Phillip Island Private Tour

    Phillip Island Private Tour

    Adult: From $129

    The private coach is a forty-eight-seater bus with Wi-Fi, reclinable seats and a bathroom on board. Giving passengers a comfortable journey throughout the day compared to the small twenty-four-seater bus on our regular tour. It is usually recommended to elderly passengers and young families with children under the ages of 2 years. Due to the passengers on board, the day and walks are cut shorter, giving guests a quicker journey through Phillip Island. As it is an alternative tour, there are a number of attractions which differ to our regular tour. These include the Kangaroos of Warrook Farm, the friendly town of San Remo, as well as the Koala Conservation Centre. All meals are at your own expense throughout the day, but lunch and dinner times are included. The tour will head to Penguin Parade, before heading back to the city at around 9:00pm (Winter) or 11:30pm (Summer).

  • The Evening Penguin Parade Tour

    The Evening Penguin Parade Tour

    Adult: $95
    Children (2-14): $49.50

    If you haven’t got all day to discover the region, or you simply want a tour based more around the penguins, the Evening tour is for you. This half-day tour starts at 3:00pm and returns to Melbourne approximately 11:30pm. The tour sets off towards penguin parade, cruising through the scenic San Remo and Phillip Island along the way. Once at the Penguin Parade, guests will have plenty of time to explore, with the café and visitor centre available. After spending the night with the penguins, guests will hop back on the tour bus to set off back to the city. Stopping off along the way for dinner at your own expense. This tour only operates during the summer from October until March due to daylight savings. It is a 48-56-seater luxury bus depending on how many people book on that day.

  • 2 Day Great Ocean Road & Phillip Island Tour

    2 Day Great Ocean Road & Phillip Island Tour

    Adult: $265
    Children (8+): $265

    Take your time to discover all of Phillip Island’s secrets on a two-day adventure! This tour kills two birds with one stone, giving not just one of Victoria’s most popular sites, but two of them. With Great Ocean Road one day, and the Phillip Island the next. The Great Ocean Road attractions include the Gibson Steps, the Loch Ard Gorge, and the famous 12 Apostles, learning about the coastal shipwreck history and its creation. Guests can refuel from this with the included hot lunch. Before the afternoon will be spent in the Otway Rainforest, enjoying the region’s unique wildlife hidden within. Guests will rest upon the Bells Beach Backpackers hotel for the night after enjoying a delicious BBQ dinner provided. The tour will set off early by taking the ferry to Phillip Island, where guests can enjoy the Maru Wildlife Park, the Grand Prix Circuit, and of course the Penguin Parade. heading back to Melbourne to arrive approximately 9:00pm (winter) or 12:00pm (Summer).

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