Woolamai Beach – Phillip Island’s Golden Shore

Victoria’s southern coastline is home to a number of remarkable sights and attractions, many of which are within driving distance of Melbourne. An hour and a half journey south of Melbourne will bring you to the incredible Phillip Island. Renowned for hosting some of the country’s most phenomenal destinations, Phillip Island’s greatest attractions are its paradisiac beaches.

Though the entire coastline of Phillip island may offer some truly spectacular sights, Cape Woolamai along the southern shore displays unforgettable vistas like nowhere else in Australia. Woolamai Beach, in particular, boasts the island’s longest and most exposed beach, measuring 4.2 km in length. The golden sand and perfect waves help to make this one of Victoria’s greatest surfing destinations. Experienced surfers travel from all around the country, and even the world to surf and play in these fantastic waters. In fact, Cape Woolamai has been named a national surfing reserve to recognise its rich surfing heritage. Being one of the island’s only beaches with lifeguards on duty, it is also safe for the whole family to enjoy, not to mention the convenience of all the nearby cafes and restaurants.

Cape Woolamai, at 110 meters tall, is the island’s highest point. This fact is made even more impressive by the view of these majestic pink granite cliffs rising out of the ocean. So if you’ve had your fun in the waves, or you’d just rather not get wet, the coast also has a number of excellent walking trails that will allow you to explore more of these breathtaking views. Each trail has a viewing platform along the way which will not only give you a chance to take a rest but also gaze out of the glittering ocean from these fantastic vantage points. You’ll also get an excellent view of the Pinnacles, a series of naturally formed rock pillars that stand right beside the ocean waves. If you’d like to see them up close, one of the hikes will bring you right to their feet. The walk along the coastline is full of beautiful sights and scenes, and you may even be lucky enough to spot some wildlife before reaching your destination.

From small animals darting around the seaside fields, to marine life breaching the water’s surface, Phillip Island boasts a range of exciting wildlife. Rabbits and Wallabies can often be seen scampering about the walking trails, and if you look closely, you’ll often see dolphins and seals twirling and playing in the ocean. If you set your gaze on the sky, you will also find a wide range of birdlife overhead. Cape Woolamai is a significant location because of it being home to the island’s largest breeding colony of Short-Tailed Shearwaters, also known as the Australian Muttonbird. This means that you’ll often see these birds descending onto the sand in search of their burrows as the sun begins to set.

Phillip Island is one of Victoria’s most popular destinations, and it’s clear why with such fantastic attractions and activities. A visit to Cape Woolamai will be jam packed with a series of unforgettable adventures and memories for the whole family.

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