Woolamai Beach – Phillip Island

Phillip Island has a variety of exciting adventures for the visitor. Whether you are there for the cute penguins, the nature, the surf, or just to getaway from the city, it doesn’t matter. Phillip Island has something special for everyone. But the one area of the island that just can’t be missed, is Woolamai Beach. Cape Woolamai is not just a pretty face; it’s a natural habitat for mutton birds, and is deemed the best surf spot in Victoria. If birds and surf make you happy, look no further.

Cape Woolamai is a breathtaking location that leaves you wishing you lived there. Outlooking the entire beach and beyond, the cape is a fantastic spot to start your adventure on Phillip Island. Woolamai Beach is perfect place for a barefoot walk or sit back and watch surfers catch wave after wave. The area is so special, the region was recently declared a National Surfing Reserve for its pristine environment and surf. There are at least five spots on the beach that provide surfers with the best breaks you can find in Victoria. Whether you are a beginner, visitor, or die-hard local, Woolamai has a surf break for any skill level. In fact it is so popular with locals and tourists alike, it has been named the favourite destination on all of the island for surf. With consistent waves, who could beat it?

If surfing isn’t your thing, don’t worry there’s plenty to see and do. You can take advantage of the local trails and take a hike along the beach to one of the many coast walks that leads you up to Cape Woolamai for a spectacular 360 degree view.

You can rent a bike in the little town of Newhaven and ride around the island, making your way to Woolamai Beach. Drop your bike off and take a dip in the ocean. If you’re lucky enough to be at the beach during dusk, you will be able to view the mutton birds in their natural habitat, coming back from a day of fishing to their homes. It’s a rare experience that you will cherish forever.

Located only 90 minutes from Melbourne, Phillip Island has been a favourite destination for locals for years. Word must have got out because it’s no longer just locals visiting Phillip Island. Tourists are visiting to see what all the fuss it about. With native penguins, pristine beaches, water sports, and a relaxing atmosphere, Phillip Island has given everyone a reason to visit.

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