What to See and Do at the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

Chocolate lovers won’t want to miss the delectable Phillip Island Chocolate Factory. Celebrating everything chocolate flavoured and related, it welcomes visitors into a delicious world filled with fun games, fascinating workshops, and an unlimited supply of chocolate samples.

Throughout Panny’s World of Chocolate, you can learn about how chocolate is made through a number of real-life workshops and demonstrations, tuck into some homemade goodies in the cafe, and pick up some souvenirs to take with you from the on-site shop.

Your journey begins with a mouth-watering White Truffle, which is made using one of Panny’s secret recipes. From there, the adventure is your own to make.

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

What to Do at the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

Get stuck into the activities

As well as live demonstrations, you can learn about the chocolate-making process by getting involved in the selection of fun attractions and games dotted around the factory.

There are interactive machines that show you the art of chocolate-making, plenty of fun facts to soak up, and numerous games where you can create your own chocolate masterpiece.

In addition, you can explore the number of chocolate exhibitions which showcase some of the finest creations from the factory, as well as some famous faces – don’t miss the chocolate “David” statue. You can also marvel at the world’s largest chocolate waterfall and get up close to the miniature village made completely from chocolate. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a world map made from chocolate, hand-decorated chocolate shoes, a display of penguins that are made entirely of chocolate – even the sand – and the one-tonne chocolate challenge, where you can challenge yourself to lift a huge block of chocolate.

The On-Site Café and Shop

When you’ve explored all the attractions, browsed the delicious exhibits, and seen how the chocolate at Panny’s is made, you can hotfoot it to the café and shop for some last minute bites before you leave.

In the café, you can sample some of the freshest flavours which have been handcrafted by the on-site chocolatiers. Families can linger over the famous chocolate fondue, dipping strawberries and searing marshmallows in the decadent gooey dip for a heavenly experience. Order up a delectable hot coffee served with the special white truffle or sip a glass of Australian wine paired with an extravagant sundae for the ultimate sweet lunch time treat.

Pick up truffles and other treats to have alongside a hot drink before heading to the shop to stock up on goodies for the journey home. There, you can pack your bag full of delicious flavours and try some of the samples that are on offer for visitors. You can find huge chocolate boxes wrapped in ribbon, heady chocolate blocks to break into pieces for sharing and chocolates carved into your favourite Australian creatures that the children are sure to love.

For anyone with a sweet tooth, the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is a must-visit while you’re on the Phillip Island.

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