Maru Koala and Animal Park

Grantville, Victoria 3984

Cuddling a koala and getting up close and personal with the native wildlife is often top of a traveller’s bucketlist when they go to Australia.

Maru Koala and Animal Park

Maru Koala and Animal Park provides the perfect opportunity to do this. Located amongst the stunning scenery of Phillip Island, with its exquisite beaches and local culture, it’s the perfect place to soak up the outdoor lifestyle in Australia whilst getting to know the cute critters that call the country home.

There are a range of animal encounters to be had at this award-winning park, including the chance to meet a koala, hand-feed a rare and beautiful albino kangaroo, go for a stroll with some dingoes, and have a chat with the colourful resident parrots. If you’re more of a reptile fan, you can head straight to the snake house, where you can get acquainted with a python.

As well as learning more about the animals and their environment, Maru Wildlife Park also offers visitors the chance to hand-feed the creatures, including several baby animals. And there are plenty of animals to keep you occupied, too, like the wombats, Tasmanian Devils, and Wallabies, all of which are native to Australia.

Throughout the day there are a host of keeper talks, where knowledgeable guides share information about the resident animals, including facts about their history, habitats, and characteristics. It’s a great way to learn about Australia’s charming wildlife first-hand.

A Photographer’s Dream

Keen photographers are made to feel right at home at Maru, too. All around the peaceful park, with its lush vegetation and picturesque scenes, there are an endless supply of photo opportunities, whether it’s of the animals themselves or the breath-taking surroundings. The ‘Close Encounters’ experiences are the perfect way to get up close and personal with the critters and take some National Geographic worthy images of Australia’s finest creatures, but they also offer the chance to learn more about the rehabilitation programme that the park runs, where it rehabilitates injured and sick animals.

Not Just an Animal Adventure

It’s not just animals that Maru shares with its visitors, though. In fact, it provides a fun day out for all the family, with a Mini-Golf Adventure set inside the beautiful ground. Designed in the style of a pirate ship, the 18-hole course is the ideal way to unwind in the late afternoon, before heading to the Homestead Bistro to tuck into some seasonal dishes.

After lunch, you can wander the winding pathways through the park, dipping in and out of the landscaped areas and enjoying the natural views that the park is well-known for.

Things to Do at Maru Wildlife Park

  • Cuddle a Koala


    The koalas are one of the most popular residents at the Maru Wildlife Park. These cute critters sit up trees and chew away on eucalyptus leaves. You can wander along the raised boardwalk to get up close to them, or venture inside their enclosure with the keepers to hold one for yourself.

  • Hand Feed Kangaroos


    Try your hand at being a keeper as you hand feed the kangaroos. These fascinating Australian creatures form a large part of the Maru Wildlife Park, and you can feed them yourself and see them up close. You can even cuddle up to the baby kangaroos, nicknamed joeys, and feed them from the bottle.

  • Sheep Shearing

    It’s not just native creatures that the Maru Wildlife Park has on hand. There is also plenty of livestock, including sheep which take part in a regular sheep shearing show. During it, you can watch the local sheep handler cutting the sheep while learning more about the process and what happens to the wool after it has been sheared.

  • Dine at the Bistro

    Refuel after a full day sightseeing the wildlife by dropping into the on-site Bistro. Opening for both breakfast and lunch, the restaurant offers a range of delightful cuisines guaranteed to satisfied even the fussiest eater. Its open every day, so pop in for a breakie before heading around the park or finish the day with a delicious treat or two. The restaurant uses only local ingredients, with the menu everchanging depending on the season. With deals for kids, families, and seniors, this bistro can be the perfect place for those looking for a cheap meal in-between the countless attractions at Phillip Island.

  • Mini Golf

    Sick of the wildlife? Have a break and enjoy a game of mini golf with the kids. This interactive course named Pirate Pete’s Mini-golf. Letting you escape to another world, where pirates swarm the area in find of treasure. The course has eighteen holes and is the perfect challenge for both kids and adults. Each section navigates through a Australian landscapes, so you can travel to the beach, the bush, and the outback all in one day.

  • Hold a Snake

    Trade your scarf in for a slithery snake at the Phillip Island Wildlife Park. With the python snakes of Maru always happy to wrap themselves around visitors. Face your fears and stroke the smooth scales as these incredible creatures slowly slide around your shoulders, arms, and even neck.

  • Volunteering

    If you’re really keen to get involved, you can also spend a day as an animal handler and look after the native critters. While doing this, you’ll learn a great deal about their habitat and their behaviour, as well as take part in some of the major conservation projects put in place to protect them.

  • Pirate Festival

    Schedule your trip right to fall on Maru Koala and Animal Park’s annual pirate festival. Enjoy a great day with a perfect blend of wildlife park and festival activities. With stalls, food, and entertainment on offer, both kids and adults can enjoy the pirate themed day. With dress ups, theme park rides, and plenty of goodies up for grabs!

The Maru Wildlife Park is a great place for a day out. You’ll get to experience the natural beauty of Phillip Island while getting up close and personal with some of Australia’s best-loved creatures. If you’re feeling peckish, there’s also a café on-site.

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