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Things to Do in the Fishing Village of San Remo

Phillip Island is best-known for its host of native species, but there are also some hidden gems tucked away, like San Remo, an old fishing village that is a popular tourist destination today. The quaint town is filled with fish-focused eateries and the chance to dig deep into the fascinating history of the fishing trade and the surrounding island. Things to Do in San Remo There is plenty to keep you busy while visiting this charming part of the island, whether you want to explore the lengthy history, try some of the delicious food, or simply sit and soak up […]


Things to Do at the Nobbies Information Centre

Phillip Island is bursting with incredible wildlife encounters and magical scenery, all of which can be explored and admired from the Nobbies Information Centre. The centre can be found to the very west of the island, and invites visitors to dive deeper into the natural beauty of the region via technological displays and interactive exhibits. Sitting pretty on the edge of an impressive cliff, you can expect breath-taking views out across the surrounding landscape, much of which is dedicated to conservation efforts and eco-tourism developments. Unique Things to See and Do at the Nobbies Information Centre Watch the Resident Seal […]


San Remo Bridge: The Gateway to Phillip Island

Phillip Island is a haven for wildlife lovers and a popular place for tourists to visit during their time in Australia. The island itself is connected to mainland Victoria by the San Remo bridge which was opened in 1971. Before that, there was a smaller bridge subject to strict load limits, but now tourists and traffic is free-flowing between both sides. The History of San Remo Bridge Early settlers in this part of Australia used to carry their stock and supplies by sailing ship from Western Port to Port Phillip Bay and back. It was a pretty hazardous journey. Alternatively, […]


The Best Wildlife Encounters on Phillip Island

For any wildlife enthusiast, Phillip Island is a must-visit. From the pristine, tree-flanked beaches, to the dense undergrowth that characterises its centre, there are plenty of encounters waiting to be discovered. Here, native species frolic in their natural habitat, while sanctuaries set up to conserve and preserve make great spots to learn more about the unique ecosystem that encompasses Phillip Island. Little penguins waddle up sprawling sands, koalas cling to treetops way above head height, and vibrant migratory birds add a squawk of colour to the natural landscape. Here are some of the best ways to soak up the wildlife […]


How to Explore the Beauty of Woolamai Beach

Phillip Island boasts a backdrop of stunning beach scenes, mesmerising ocean views, and a never-ending supply of fascinating wildlife to discover. At Woolamai Beach, one of the island’s most picturesque spots, you can enjoy all of this and more against the ancient pink granite surroundings. The cape that sits above the beach is the highest point on the island, while the beach proves to be one of Victoria’s most popular surfing beaches, drawing in crowds of beginner and advanced surfers throughout the year who are looking to catch some waves. Recently declared a National Surfing Reserve area, it is imbued […]


Things to Do at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit

Motor racing lovers will have a ball at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. This historic spot takes pride of place amongst the lush scenery of Phillip Island and brings visitors the chance to learn more about the sport’s history in Australia and experience some of the best things about motor racing for themselves. Dating back to 1956, the circuit has been a vital part of the Grand Prix world for decades and remains one of the most important tracks on the planet. Each year, the best drivers in the world compete for top titles, but there are plenty of […]


The Koala’s at Maru Wildlife Park

Phillip Island is well-known for its incredible animal encounters. On the sandy shores and in the lush forests you can get up close and personal with some of Australia’s most magnificent creatures. At the Maru Wildlife Park you can do exactly this and more with their range of close encounters and beautiful scenery packed full of cute animals and native species. The best part about the park is the opportunity to interact with the array of animals that call it home, including some of Australia’s finest critters, like koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, dingoes, emus, wombats, and crocodiles. Throughout the day, knowledgeable […]


Things to Do at the Nobbies

It is also home to the Nobbies Centre, which is perched on the top of the hill and is the perfect place to watch the resident Australian fur seals as they play on the rocks. Just a kilometre from the Centre, there is a smattering of rocks known as Seal Rocks, which are home to the largest colony of fur seals in the country. From the headland, you can wander along the boardwalks to look out over the sea and spot the variety of natural sea birds that call the area home. As well as this, there are plenty of […]


Why You Should Go Surfing at Bells Beach

Phillip Island is best-known as a haven for wildlife, but there are plenty of other activities you can get stuck into both on the island and on the way to the island. Set in the charming town of Torquay, Bells Beach offers visitors the chance to hit the waves, whether they’re a beginner or pro surfer. You’ll find the beach just 80-minutes from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne, where it unfolds in a display of rocky outcrops below the cliffs. The beach is well-known as the surf capital of Australia, and you’ll often see pro surfers and amateurs getting […]


What to Expect With the Penguins Plus Upgrade

Phillip Island is a haven for wildlife lovers. On the pristine beaches and in the lush forests you’ll find plenty of animal encounters, including native koalas and kangaroos. But one of the best nature experiences on the entire island is the world-famous Penguin Parade. Each evening, the local colony of Little Penguins march their way up the beach to bed down in their nests for the night after a long, hard day of fishing. Thousands of visitors flock to the shores of the island each year to watch this magical display of nature and learn more about the penguins that […]