Are there Kangaroos on Phillip Island?

Are there Kangaroos on Phillip Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/19/2021

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By far Australia’s favourite animal is the beloved kangaroo, found hopping about the country’s grassland.

Phillip Island has kangaroos that can be spotted at wildlife parks!

About Kangaroos

Kangaroo on Phillip Island

Kangaroos are large marsupial animals, also known as a sub-type of mammal, that is only native to Australia. Their most recognisable feature is their large back feet, which they use to hop around similar to a rabbit. They only use their front legs on occasion, mostly using these paws to brush their faces or dig the earth. Although they all have these key features, there are a variety of kangaroo species, with an entire family of types. Their cousins, known as the wallabies, are similar in features but are smaller.

To differentiate between these types of kangaroos, simply look at the colour of their fur, as well as the shape of the creature’s head. Undoubtedly the most adorable feature of the kangaroo is their front pouch, which they use to keep their young within until they are old enough to hop by themselves. They are typically found in large groups, being very social creatures and staying in these small families for their whole lives.

Where you can find them Phillip Island

You can head to the nearby animal parks, such as the Koala Conservation Centre or the Phillip Island Wildlife Park, which are home to a bunch of both kangaroos and koalas. This gives you a chance to see both of these tourist favourites in one go! The most common kangaroo you’ll see during your journey is the beloved eastern grey kangaroo. Identified by their pale bellies and grey furry backs, they can easily be seen against the lush green and brown backdrop of the bush, and are one of the most populated kangaroo species in the country.

Wallaby sightings are also quite common, as these are usually nearby to the eastern grey kangaroos. The two species you most likely will encounter are the Red-necked Wallabies, which are a mix of red and grey colourings, as well as Swamp wallies, which are grey with reddish-brown ears and stomach.

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