Can you take photos at the Penguin Parade?

Can you take photos at the Penguin Parade?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 06/23/2022

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Phillip Island is one of Australia’s great getaways, with plenty of joy and fun for families and vacay-makers alike to get around. Whether you’re seeing some of Australia’s most adorable wildlife, trying your hand at surfing, eating delicious fish ‘n’ chips or having a bit of old school fun at Churchill Island, this buzzing region has plenty of fun for all to enjoy!

Without a doubt, the island’s main attraction is the legendary Penguin Parade. This is the time of night that Phillip Island’s penguin population comes strolling up the seashore after spending a day at sea trying to pick up fish for the family.

Occurring every night, people flock to this awesome spectacle, attempting to get the best spot in the house to catch the awesome views of these adorable little pengus.

It’s important to note that photography is strictly forbidden at the Penguin Parade. As much as you might want to get a great snap of these loveable little birds waddling up the shore to nest, flash photography can easily disorient them, so to keep them coming back to their home it’s important that you don’t film or take any pics.

Rules aside, the Penguin Parade is one of the most enjoyable natural attractions you could hope to find in all of Australia, just be sure to take the little ones at a time of year that is most suitable for them (summer = warmer weather but late sundown; winter = cold weather yet early sunset!).

The Penguin Parade is easily Phillip Island’s top tourist attractions, and has to be enjoyed alongside these other awesome experiences:

Seal Rocks

Phillip Island’s other famous animal crew is its 20,000 strong seal population, all of whom like to hang out at the aptly-named Seal Rocks. At the awesome Nobbies headlands you can grab yourself a prime position to gaze out at these fascinating creatures, taking your binoculars or getting around one of the awesome coin-operated options they have on the viewing platforms.

Churchill Island

The perfect family fun day, Churchill Island is one of those kitschy throwbacks to yesterday, with whip cracking, sheep shearing, cow milking and more on the action-packed agenda.

What’s more, the island itself is home to some pretty fantastic trails for both cycling and walking – do check it out.

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