Do you need tickets for Churchill Island?

Do you need tickets for Churchill Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/21/2022

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Phillip Island is one of Australia’s top family-friendly destinations. Whether you’re marvelling at the Penguin Parade, gazing upon Seal Rocks, checking out the Koala Conservation Reserve or lazing at the beach, Phillip Island has plenty of parents and the littlies to enjoy!

One of the ultimate family activities around Phillip Island is easily Churchill Island – an adventure park designed to entertain the whole family. Churchill Island has everything from whip cracking demonstrations to sheep shearing, blacksmithing and a guided ranger tour, with each activity being heaps of fun for the kids.

Ticket prices for Churchill Island are as follows:

Adults: $13.50

Kids: $6.75

Australian Pensioner: $9.40

Family (2 Adults, 2 Children): $33.75

Churchill Island is one of those awesome places that transports you back in time; where you can learn all about how things were done in the olden days and have a pretty good time doing so.

You’re in for a pretty good arvo on Churchill Island, especially when coupled with these exciting adventures:

The Penguin Parade

There is no other phenomenon on Earth quite like the Penguin Parade. This is the time of day that Phillip Island’s resident little penguin population comes strutting up the seashore after hopefully catching a few fish for their very own little ones!

It is a truly magical site but you have to be sure to choose the right time of year to take the kids: are they good with the cold? Then perhaps winter is a better time to go.

Or, do your young ones like to stay up past their bedtime? Then summer would be best, as the weather is warmer and the sun goes down later.

Seal Rocks

In between an arvo at Churchill Island and an evening gazing upon the Penguin Parade you must take the kids to Seal Rocks. Whilst it may not be as big a drawcard as the legendary parade, Seal Rocks is still an awesome natural occurrence that can be enjoyed prior to heading around the corner to see the penguins.

Seal Rocks is where some 20,000 fur seals hang out and bask in the sun just off the Phillip Island mainland. You can catch some awesome glimpses of them from the viewing point and see them muck around in all their silly glory – it’s the best way to complete your family-friendly Philly adventure!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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