Do you need to book for the Penguin Parade?

Do you need to book for the Penguin Parade?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/25/2022

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Phillip Island is one of the best spots in Australia to see some of our adorable wildlife. From koalas to seals and arguably the most famous local, the little penguin, Phillip Island is an animal-lover’s paradise!

The ultimate nature-based adventure on Philly is – without a doubt – the legendary Penguin Parade. Located on Summerland Beach, this awesome attraction is the time of day when the island’s little penguin colony comes waddling up the sand, hopefully with beaks full of a day’s fishing rewards.

You need to book ahead for this natural spectacle, especially as the Phillip Island Nature Parks has reduced its capacity.

What’s more, if you’re going with the little ones, we totally recommend choosing the time of year that is most suitable for them. Why? As the sun sets later in summer (good for littlies who like staying up late!) and earlier in winter (although it is usually frightfully cold!).

The parade coincides with sunset, so it’s a good idea to decide which option is better for the kids! Whatever your choice, you are in for an incredible time at the Penguin Parade, alongside these other unforgettable Philly experiences:

Koala Conservation Reserve

The Koala Conservation Reserve is one of the best places in all of Oz to see some of these adorable tree chillers in their natural habitat. Free to climb from eucalypt to eucalypt, the koalas are right at home at this wonderful refuge, and a treetop walk is one of the most exciting experiences to have at the reserve!

Maru Koala & Animal Park

If you didn’t get enough out of your Koala Conservation Reserve experience, there is another awesome one located just off the island at the Maru Koala & Animal Park.

Here, you can actually get up close and personal with these uber cute creatures, as well as plenty of other encounters like kangaroo feeding, dingo meeting, cassowary experiences (just don’t rile them up!) and more!

The Nobbies

The Nobbies is the perfect place to spy some of Phillip Island’s other wondrous creatures – the famed fur seal. Some 20,000 of these silly pinnipeds inhabit the rocks aptly named “Seal Rocks” just off the coastline, and this allows for plenty of great vantage points to spot them! Simply grab your spot on one of the binoculars and you will easily be able to see these cuties frolicking around the rocks and water.

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