How do you get from Phillip Island to French Island?

How do you get from Phillip Island to French Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/03/2023

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French Island is beautiful and is a protective space for Australia’s flora and fauna.

The best and only way to get from Phillip Island to French Island is to catch a quick ferry. You can get this ferry from Western Port Bay in Phillip Island. Or book a 1 day tour and explore French Island and Phillip Island.

What can I do at French Island?

French Island is Victoria’s largest island. French Island is a national park, where you can spot wildlife, and walk on the island, there are about 600 Aboriginal plant species and over 100 orchid species.

Wildlife viewing

French Island has more than 230 bird species and holds the biggest koala population in Australia. On the island, you can see the white-bellied sea eagle, king quail and orange-bellied parrots. There are so many koalas on French Island that they get moved to parts of Victoria. You might spot some echidnas, seals, and dolphins too! French Island is full of Australian wildlife so we hope you can see a few of them.

Walking tracks

There are four popular walking tracks you can do when on French Island. The walking tracks range between an hour and a half to more than three hours. On the walks, you might be able to spot some wildlife like koalas and birds. Some walks will take you to beautiful lookout points or lead you to walk by some native plants. If you’re walking through Fairhaven Beach during spring and summer, keep watch for some bird eggs! There are also shorter walks to do, all you need to do is walk along the dirt roads.

Cycling tracks

There is a range of different cycling tracks you can do around the island. They range from two hours to a full day. On these cycling tracks you’ll have the chance to spot some of the wildlife, plants or just simply enjoy the scenery. On some of the tracks, you can see the old farming sites, coastal views, or views of Phillip Island.

Once you’ve gotten off the ferry from Phillip Island to French Island, there’s a lot of exploring to do. We recommend booking the one day tour of French Island and Phillip Island. This is a guided tour, so you’ll get more out of your day! The tour departs from Melbourne and goes through Phillip Island to get to French Island first. You’ll be able to explore French Island and have a farmgate meal before getting the ferry back to Phillip Island. There is no visit to Phillip Island without The Nobbies and watching the penguins at the Penguin Parade!

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