Top 3 places to watch the sunset on Phillip Island

Top 3 places to watch the sunset on Phillip Island

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/02/2024

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Discover some of the best spots to watch the sky change colour during sunset on Phillip Island.

Phillip Island is about a two hour drive from Melbourne City. The popular day trip destination is filled with your favourite Australian wildlife and some remarkable sunsets to watch.

Phillip Island sunsets can often have views of the coastline as you begin to watch the sky change to different colours. Here are some of our top places where you can watch the sunset on Phillip Island.

1. Summerland Beach

Nothing quite beats watching a sunset at a beach, especially on Phillip Island. But the fun fact about this beach is you can watch the sunset while cute little penguins make their way from shore and waddle down the beach. You may have heard of Penguin Parade, where every sunset little penguins will come back to the beach and go to their burrows.

If you want to avoid the crowds, you can still access Summerland Beach and watch the sunset over Summerland Bay.

2. Cowes Main Beach

Cowes Main Beach is one of the best places to watch the beautiful sunset on Phillip Island. You can sit back and watch the sunset on the beach or get the most remarkable view and walk down towards the end of the jetty.

You could even enjoy the sunset from one of the many eateries along the esplanade with views of Cowes Beach.

3. Grossard Point Lookout

Grossard Point Lookout is a hidden place to watch the sunset on Phillip Island. Located in Ventnor, park down the end of Grossard Point Road and follow the short path to reach the lookout.

The lookout provides some gorgeous panoramic western views of Phillip Island. From the platform, you’ll watch the sunset over the water and The Nobbies. This place isn’t as popular as the other two locations, so you might be lucky to have it to yourself!

To see more of Phillip Island, you can spend a short weekend getaway here. But if you’re limited on time, you can do a one day Phillip Island tour and the best part about this tour is you get to see the little penguins at the end of the day!

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