Top 3 sunrise spots on Phillip Island

Top 3 sunrise spots on Phillip Island

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/12/2024

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Phillip Island is known for its range of wildlife, beautiful scenery, and remarkable sunrises.

Phillip Island is one of Victoria’s most popular holiday destinations. The island is perfect for weekend getaways and even one-day tours. While on the island, it’s worth waking up early to see the breathtaking sunrises you can experience.

Below are some of the top sunrise spots where you can watch the remarkable sunrise on Phillip Island.

Phillip Island Sunrise

1. Newhaven Yacht Club
The sunrise overlooking the Newhaven Yacht Club is a truly stunning location, even if you don’t have a boat. Watch as the sun slowly starts lighting up the sky, which then reflects onto the water. The best spot to watch the sunrise over the Yacht Club is from Forrest Road!

When the sunrise is over, head over to The Seaside Provider for a coffee and breakfast. When you’ve fuelled yourself up for the day, check out the Visitor Information Centre before eating some chocolates at the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory.

2. Rhyll
Rhyll is a fishing town on Phillip Island and has some of the most beautiful views of the sunrises over the bay. The best spot to watch the sunrise in the town is Rhyll Jetty.
Rhyll sunrises are the very best during winter and are worth an earlier wake up to see.

After you’ve watched the sunrise, grab some breakfast at Outback Chef’s Wild Food Farm. After a delicious breakfast, you can head over to the Koala Conservation Reserve to see some of the cuddly koalas! Afterwards, go to Purple Hen Winery to taste some local wine.

3. Cape Woolamai Beach
Not only is Cape Woolamai Beach a popular spot for windsurfers and surfers, but it also has some scenic sunrises.

Fuel up on breakfast at Magic Lands Kiosk before taking on the Cape Woolamai Circuit Walk. The walk can take you under four hours to complete as you walk along the Cape Woolamai coastline.

As the day comes to an end, ensure you head down to the Penguin Parade to watch the cute little penguins waddle up Summerland Beach. A bonus with this is you get to watch the sunset, the perfect way to end the day after waking up for the sunrise.

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