What are 5 interesting facts about penguins?

What are 5 interesting facts about penguins?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/12/2021

Reading time: 3 mins

Before heading to the famous Penguin Parade, brush up on some facts about the Little Penguins.

Penguins are the starring attraction of Phillip Island’s aptly named “Penguin Parade”. This parade is the moment when these adorable little penguins come waddling up the beachfront after a day of fishing. They march across the sand towards the dunes in a little parade.

Like all of Australia’s adorable and unique wildlife, these little penguins have some interesting facts. So, without further ado, here are five interesting facts about Little Penguins that make them all the more loveable!

1. They can dive really deep for a feed

Little Penguins spend their days searching for delicious fishies to take home to their burrows at night. They usually prefer to search for fish in the shallow waters. However, sometimes they find themselves diving deep down in search of their one and only desire – a meal!

How far can they dive? Well, they are able to dive a massive 263 feet into the depths of the ocean! This being said, they don’t want to find themselves down there for too long. The Little Penguins can only stay underwater for up to two minutes before needing to head to the surface for some fresh air. Because of this, they have to get the job done somewhat quickly!

2. The Little Penguins are carnivorous

Don’t let their cuteness fool you! The Little Penguins sustain themselves on nothing more than meat. When the penguins hunt for food, they are out for fish, squid and krill. That is why they spend most of their days in the water, which is the location of their main source of food.

Phillip Island Little Penguins

3. They are at Phillip Island to stay

Phillip Island’s Little Penguin population has little intention of migrating anywhere else. These tiny penguins are stationary birds who love their home and want to stay there. After all, how could they open up the legendary Penguin Parade if there was a chance those cheeky little penguins would go flying off for half the year?

The penguins don’t need to migrate during any time of the year. Because of this, you are sure to see them parading across the beach every day of the year.

4. They parade at night

Other species of penguins love to come back from a long day of fishing when it is still daylight. The Little Penguins, however, stay in the water all day and are only seen on the shores at night. The tiny birds are all about staying in the water as long as it takes to go home with a delicious meal for their families. This is why the penguins fish until the evening and only leave the waters after a long day of hard work. Now that’s dedication!

Phillip Island Little Penguins

5. They have nine forms of communication

The Little Penguin makes around nine different sounds to communicate with their fellow friends and family. The sounds they make range from sharp barking sounds when the penguin heads out to sea to large yelps when the penguin is in trouble!

Now that you have learned all about the famous Little Penguins, it is time to head over to Phillip Island and see them for yourself.

Join our One Day Phillip Island Tour to explore Phillip Island before sitting down to view the iconic penguin parade. When the sun begins to set, you will take a seat at Summerland Beach and get ready for the most unique and adorable experience of your life!

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