What is so special about Phillip Island?

What is so special about Phillip Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/06/2022

Reading time: 3 mins

Phillip Island is one of Australia’s ultimate adventure lands, being the perfect place for families and weekenders to experience some awesome adventure in spectacular natural surroundings!

From the world famous Penguin Parade to charming San Remo, the fantastic Koala Conservation Reserve and charming San Remo, there is plenty for everyone to enjoy in this beautiful Aussie outpost…

So, what are some of the experiences that make Phillip Island one of Australia’s best getaways?

Let’s take a look below:

The Penguin Parade

There is no other animal experience in the world like the Penguin Parade – period. This is the time of day when the island’s celebrity little penguin population comes in from a hard day’s yakka (fishing) in the wild Bass Strait waters.

This makes for a pretty unforgettable viewing experience, as anyone from kids, their folks and weekend holidaymakers can enjoy this exuberant natural phenomenon!

A word to the wise, though: if you are planning a Philly vacay with the kids, be sure to take them to the Penguin Parade at a time that is most suitable for them.

In winter the sun goes down earlier but it gets mighty chilly; in summer the sun goes down later (good for little night owls) whilst being a much more pleasant experience re: Victoria’s unpredictable weather.

San Remo

Located just over the side of the Philly bridge, San Remo is a charming little town that offers the perfect place to grab some top quality fish n chips before heading down to see the pelicans (a Victorian beach town must!).

After all, San Remo isn’t a glitzy, glamorous town: it’s the ideal place for families and people looking to chill to come in search of quality food, a little fresh air and some awesome cycling tracks, and this is why we love it!

The Nobbies

The Nobbies are stunning headlands that not only boast the fabulous Nobbies Visitor Centre, but also lead up to the island’s Seal Rocks viewing spot – named as such because, you guessed it: it’s home to some 20,000 fur seals!

The Nobbies Visitor Centre is now home to the incredible Antarctic Journey: a multimedia experience that gives you an unforgettable snapshot into life in Antarctica.

Once you have got your chill on through the Antarctic Journey it’s time to grab yourself a spot to see those cheeky fur seals frolicking in the waters just offshore!


Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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