What is the Antarctic Journey on Phillip Island?

What is the Antarctic Journey on Phillip Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/29/2021

Reading time: 2 mins

Phillip Island is one of Australia’s natural wonderlands. Not only is the island itself absolutely gorgeous, but it is home to an abundance of native species like the koala, fur seal and famous little penguin!

Antarctic Journey Phillip Island

One of the best places to learn about nature on the island is the Nobbies Centre and its absolutely awesome Antarctic Journey. This uber fun virtual journey takes you across the Southern Ocean to Antarctica where an immersive exhibition awaits to teach you all about the continent and its inhabitants.

Amazing activities

The Antarctic Journey is full of awesome activities that give you a sense of what it’s like to be on the chilly continent at the bottom of the world. To start, why not enter the Arctic Chill Zone to get a sense of the biting temperatures on the island before having your thermal temperature compared to that of the continent’s most famous inhabitant, the emperor penguin?

Next, move on to the Sound Lab and Research Station, where you will learn all about the unique creatures that inhabit this far-flung part of the world! This all takes place with the likes of specimens, microscopes and the sound of animal calls that echo around the lab.

But the ultimate attraction of the Antarctic Journey is definitely saved for last, when you will get to enter the completely immersive augmented reality room that plucks you out of Phillip Island and right onto the Antarctic continent!

You will be able to stand on an ice floe and get up close to emperor penguins, whales and seals as they frolic around in this unforgettable interactive experience.

The Antarctic Journey is one of the most memorable nature experiences you can have on “Philly”, and should be coupled with the legendary…

Penguin Parade

The Penguin Parade is a must-do for nature lovers. It’s that joyous time of day when Phillip Island’s world famous little penguin populous comes strolling up the sand after (hopefully) bringing in a healthy day’s catch!

There is no better way to experience the exuberant nature of the island than the Penguin Parade – just be sure to choose the right time if you’re taking the kids – it gets pretty chilly in winter but the sun goes down later in summer, coinciding with the time the penguins themselves decide to call it a day!


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