What is the highest point on Phillip Island?

What is the highest point on Phillip Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/13/2023

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Phillip Island is the perfect day trip while you’re staying in Melbourne for a few days.

Phillip Island is close to a two hour drive from Melbourne but is worth the trip. Phillip Island has a variety of to see wildlife in their natural habitats and beautiful views across the island and the coast.

The highest point on Phillip Island is Cape Woolamai, which has the best views you can get on the island. This part of the island has an elevation of 112 metres!

You can see some of the breathtaking views all across this area, or even do the Cape Woolamai Walk to take in the scenery along the way.

Looking for other things to do on Phillip Island? Here are some of the must do highlights!

Cape Woolamai Walk

The Cape Woolamai Walk is Phillip Island’s most popular walk that has the best views of the coast and the island. The walk has moderate difficulty and can take around three and a half hours to complete.

The walk takes you along the beach, by the cliff tops where you eventually reach the Pinnacles Lookout. This lookout has some breathtaking views and is a great place to stop and take in the view. You’ll then continue towards the Beacon where you reach the highest point of the island which has incredible views of the surrounding area.

Cape Woolamai Surf Beach

Cape Woolamai Surf Beach is perhaps one of the best beaches on Phillip Island. The golden sand beach stretches over four kilometres and provides some great waves to surf.

If surfing isn’t your thing, you can walk along the sand and watch the waves crashing into the shore and keep an eye out for some wildlife.

Penguin Parade

And if you head to the other side of the island, you’ll come across the Penguin Parade. The Penguin Parade is the highlight of Phillip Island where you can watch the cute fairy penguins waddle up the beach at sunset each night.

The Nobbies

The Nobbies has a bit of everything from amazing coastal views, wildlife, and even an interactive centre! The Antarctic Journey centre has a selection of virtual activities that are great for people of all ages.

Outside the centre, there is a boardwalk that boasts spectacular views. Follow along the boardwalk towards Seal Rocks and spot the Australian fur seals having some fun and splashing around.

Along the boardwalk, there are also some great views and you can look for the explosive blowhole!

You can take a trip to visit Cape Woolamai between October to April to see the thousands of shearwater birds! The weather around this time of year can vary from warm to cold and rainy days, so keep watch of the weather.

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