Best Walking Trails in Phillip Island

Best Walking Trails in Phillip Island

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 06/16/2019

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Lace-up your walking shoes and set off along one of the many walking tracks scattered about Phillip Island’s natural scenery

Phillip Island is a picture-perfect location, home to a number of incredible formations, wildlife regions, and coastal sights. Journey along to Cape Woolamai, the highest point in Phillip Island and backdrop to stunning coastlines and granite formations. There are a number of walking tracks that can be taken at Cape Woolamai where you can witness the sheer natural beauty of the Pinnacles, spot some of the native wildlife around the beach areas, or surf at one of the golden sandy beaches. 

  • The Pinnacles Walk

    The Pinnacles Walk is 4 kilometres length return and an estimated duration of 2 hours. This trail will see you discovering the Pinnacles, dramatic rock formations that jut out of the water to create a magnificent looking coastline.

  • Old Granite Quarry Walk

    Next is the Old Granite Quarry Walk which is a little bit further at 6 kilometres but worth the extra time. It’ll take you around 3 hours return, and you can only see the granite rocks at low tide. In 1891 a granite quarry was built on Cape Woolamai to provide granite to the city of Melbourne for its construction. Today, these granite stones are still there, a pinkish rock that is waterproof sitting alongside the shore.  

  • Cape Woolamai Beacon Walk

    The next walking trail in the area is the Cape Woolamai Beacon Walk which is approximately 7 kilometres however its an easy graded walk. You’ll traverse through a rugged landscape bursting with flora, fauna and native wildlife. This trail takes you to Beacon Hill, a fantastic lookout that you won’t want to miss.

  • Cape Woolamai Circuit Walk

    The last walk is the Cape Woolamai Circuit Walk which is a culmination of the three walking tracks into one, about 8 kilometres of walking in total. It is one of the most visually aesthetic walks in the whole country and is loved by hikers.

  • North Point Loop

    The first of two walks on the island is the North Point Loop, which is the shorter one. It’s a pleasant 2.5-kilometre stroll that will allow you to explore the lovely scenery of the island.

  • Churchill Island Loop Walk

    The second is the Churchill Island Loop Walk which takes you around the whole island in a 5-kilometre walk. Whilst this walk is noted to take around 1 hour and a half to complete, allow extra time for you to stop and take photos of the vast landscape.

Both of these walks are wheelchair accessible and suitable for prams, and the difficulty level is moderate. You will encounter boardwalks and granite sand that is compacted on your trail.

These trails are perfect for the walkers who want to explore more of Phillip Island’s bushland, the spectacular Pinnacles and the historical Churchill Island. Most who visit Phillip Island go for the penguins, but stay and while and discover the varied selection of bike circuits, and hiking trails that will keep you in touch with nature on your visit to Victoria.

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