The Nobbies – Explore Phillip Island

The Nobbies – Explore Phillip Island

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/31/2016

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Learn about the island’s history and wildlife at this fascinating Information Centre!

From the incredible coastlines to the fascinating wildlife, Phillip Island in Victoria has a plethora of activities and sights to offer its visitors. Located just 90-minutes south-east of Melbourne this incredible island plays host to some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery and makes for a perfect day trip during your time in Melbourne. Many people visit this amazing island to watch the adorable Penguin Parade, however, due to the Penguin Parade’s popularity, many people don’t take the chance to explore the rest of the island, including the fascinating Nobbies.

About the Nobbies

The western tip of Phillip island is known as Point Grant but is more commonly called The Nobbies because of the curious dome-shaped rock formations in the shallows. There is a 1km boardwalk along the shoreline which allows you to enjoy the spectacular sights that this area has to offer as you take a stroll beside the ocean at your own pace. You’ll even be able to enjoy the fiery orange sunset as it illuminates the rocky shores in its warm glow before making your way just a few kilometres east to enjoy the Penguin Parade.

The Nobbies Information Centre

Your first stop in this region is the Nobbies Information Centre, a sleek and modern building that houses a unique range of attractions and experiences. The entire centre showcases Phillip Island’s history and wildlife, giving folk interactive experiences and a number of themed rooms. One example is the Antarctic journey, which transports you on the world’s first virtual Antarctic journey, this interactive experience will fully immerse you in an icy wonderland. Folk can get a better understanding of the wildlife hidden on the island, as well as learn about the Indigenous community who once fished in the Nobbies region.

Seal Rocks

Little penguins are not the only animals that this area is known for, as The Nobbies is also home to Australia’s largest fur seal colony. With over 16 000 seals inhabiting the waters of Phillip Island’s west coast, a visit will be sure to reward you with the view of hundreds of these animals as the sunbathe lazily on the rocks. To get a closer look at the seals you will be able to book a wildlife tour which will take you 1.5km out to sea to The Nobbies seal rocks, here you will have a wonderful time watching them flopping about on the rocks and swirling through the clear waters beneath the boat.

Walking Trails

The Nobbies is right along the coast, offering guests front-row views of the terrific ocean. There are a number of walking tracks scattered along this coast, going up to the clifftop regions, and down towards the beachfront, guaranteeing you plenty of incredible photo opportunities. Lace-up those walking shoes and spend a morning strolling along this picturesque walking route, enjoying the salty sea breeze whip through your hair as you go!

There is much to do and see at The Nobbies, there is no doubt that this destination in particular will be the highlight of your trip to Phillip Island.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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