Can you hold a koala at Phillip Island?

Can you hold a koala at Phillip Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/31/2021

Reading time: 3 mins

Phillip Island is one of Australia’s true natural wonderlands, with stunning beaches, beautiful walks and some of the country’s most famous animal populations.

Whether you’re marvelling at the joyous Penguin Parade, gazing upon frollicking seals at Seal Rocks or diving beneath the waves in search of marvellous sea creatures, Phillip Island has it all on the natural splendour scale!

One of Philly’s top natural attractions is the beloved Koala Conservation Reserve which houses many of these tree-hanging cuties as well as an abundance of other native animals.

The Koala Conservation Reserve does not offer koala holding opportunities, so you will have to settle for seeing these adorable creatures from the awesome viewing boardwalks and platforms that make spotting them a breeze.

The Koala Conservation Reserve is one of Phillip Island’s top natural attractions, and should be enjoyed alongside these other famous events that take place on this magical southern outpost:

The Penguin Parade

What needs to be said about the Penguin Parade? Well, it’s truly one of Australia’s most enjoyable natural phenomena, an easily-viewable testament to the joys of wildlife, and something that can’t be missed when on Philly!

Every night at sundown, the island’s resident little penguin population come waddling up the shore, hopefully with their beaks containing a bounty from the day’s fishing they are returning from.

The Penguin Parade runs year-round, but if you’re taking the little ones you need to decide which time is best suited for them: the sun goes down earlier in winter but the island can get very chilly.

Conversely, the weather is much nicer later in the year but the sun goes down around nine – so you have to weigh up these two options before heading there!

Seal Rocks

Located fabulously close to the Penguin Parade is another natural experience that too is full of joy and wonder. Phillip Island’s resident seal population, all 20,000 thousand of them, love to hang around the one particular spot, aptly entitled “Seal Rocks”.

So, just before you head over to experience the amazing Penguin Parade, be sure to get yourself a good viewing point and see how these hilarious creatures spend their day hanging out and frollicking in the water and on their well-claimed rocks.

As you can see, Phillip Island truly is a natural wonderland, and the perfect place to experience some of the country’s most amazing animals!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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