How Long Should You Spend at Phillip Island’s Koala Conservation Reserve?

How Long Should You Spend at Phillip Island’s Koala Conservation Reserve?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/29/2024

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Few places offer the unique experience of viewing koalas in their natural habitat quite like Phillip Island’s Koala Conservation Reserve.

Situated in Cowes, this six-hectare expanse of lush bushland provides visitors with the opportunity to observe these charming creatures up close.

Since the Koala Conservation Reserve is relatively small, two hours is usually enough time to stroll along the treetop boardwalks and spot koalas lounging or munching on eucalyptus leaves. The Reserve boasts a diverse array of trees, plants, and insects, so be observant! You might even encounter other native Australian species.

Activities at the Koala Centre

The Koala Centre is home to around 40 koalas, with numbers typically increasing during the breeding season. Spending a few hours here allows you to see numerous koalas and learn about their behaviors, habitats, and history.

  • Explore the Enclosures

There are two main enclosures: the Koala Enclosure and the Woodland Enclosure. The Koala Enclosure houses breeding koalas, including several females and one male. During spring and summer, you may spot joeys in their mothers’ pouches or clinging to their bellies or backs. While the koalas might be close enough to touch, please refrain from doing so or making loud noises around them. The Woodland Enclosure is home to older koalas and those recovering from illnesses.

  • Stroll Along the Boardwalks

The wheelchair and pram-friendly boardwalks are strategically placed to offer the best views of koalas in their natural settings. Remember to look up, as many koalas prefer resting in the high branches.

Two main boardwalks traverse the bushland. The Tree Top Koala Boardwalk stretches 800 meters and takes about 20 minutes to walk, while the Woodland Tree Top Walk is approximately one kilometer long and takes around 30 minutes to explore. Each path offers unique koala-spotting opportunities and elevated views of the wetlands.

  • Observe Other Australian Wildlife

In addition to koalas, the Reserve is home to various other native Australian wildlife. Several well-maintained trails allow you to explore habitats of colorful bird species, echidnas, wallabies, and kangaroos.

  • Learn at the Visitor Centre

Koalas are fascinating animals, and the onsite Visitor Centre provides an in-depth look into their lives. Interactive displays cover their diets, breeding habits, and history in Australia. Additionally, you can learn about local wildlife conservation efforts on Phillip Island. The Visitor Centre also offers snacks and a souvenir shop for visitors.


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