Getting Up Close and Personal With Phillip Island’s Koalas

Getting Up Close and Personal With Phillip Island’s Koalas

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/13/2016

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Phillip Island is renowned for its extensive collection of wildlife.

The Penguin Parade takes the top spot when it comes to animal encounters there, but visiting the island’s resident koalas comes a close second.

At the Koala Conservation Centre in Cowes, all members of the family can get up close and personal with these cute Australian critters. The centre itself spreads out across six hectares of lush bushland and is crisscrossed with a series of treetop boardwalks where you can catch a glimpse of the local furry residents.

It is not just koalas that draw in visitors to the centre, though. During the summer months, you can also spot young joeys beginning to emerge from their mother’s pouches. Keep your eyes peeled for numerous other native Australian species, too, as well as a diverse range of trees, plant life, and insects.

Things to do at the Koala Centre

Spending a day at the Koala Centre is a great way to get to know the wildlife of Phillip Island and to learn more about koala’s habitats and their history. These fascinating creatures have a lot to offer, so get stuck into everything you can while at the centre.

  • Wander the Boardwalks

    The boardwalks have been strategically placed so that you can get the best views of the koalas in their natural habitats. Remember to look up as many of the creatures prefer to relax in the crook of a high branch.

    There are two main boardwalks that run through the bushland. The Tree Top Koala Boardwalk stretches out for 800 metres and takes around 20 minutes to cover, while the Woodland Tree Top Walk runs for about a kilometer and takes around half an hour to explore.

    Each one offers a unique set of koala-spotting opportunities, as well as the chance to admire the scenery from an elevated perspective.

  • See the Australian Wildlife

    As well as koalas, you can also find other native Australian wildlife at the centre. There are a number of well-maintained trails you can walk along that cross through the habitats of colourful bird species, echidnas, wallabies, and kangaroos.

  • Learn More at the Visitor Centre

    Koalas are fascinating creatures, and you can learn more about them in the Visitor Centre that is onsite. Here, you can browse the selection of interactive displays that give an overview into the lives of the koalas, including their diets, breeding life, and history in Australia. In addition, you can discover some of the wildlife community groups that are working hard to conserve the local wildlife that lives on Phillip Island.

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