The Best Wildlife Encounters on Phillip Island

The Best Wildlife Encounters on Phillip Island

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/21/2017

Reading time: 3 mins

For any wildlife enthusiast, Phillip Island is a must-visit.

From the pristine, tree-flanked beaches, to the dense undergrowth that characterises its centre, there are plenty of encounters waiting to be discovered. Here, native species frolic in their natural habitat, while sanctuaries set up to conserve and preserve make great spots to learn more about the unique ecosystem that encompasses Phillip Island.

Little penguins waddle up sprawling sands, koalas cling to treetops way above head height, and vibrant migratory birds add a squawk of colour to the natural landscape.

Here are some of the best ways to soak up the wildlife on offer

  • 1. The Penguin Parade

    Perhaps the most popular wildlife pursuit on the island, the famous Penguin Parade, lets visitors sit back and watch the colony of little penguins waddle up from the shore to their nests for the night. The on-site Visitor Centre provides insights and anecdotes into the lives of the penguins, as well as shows the conservation efforts that are underway to protect this incredible species.

  • 2. See the Fur Seals at Seal Rocks

    Seals are a huge part of life on Phillip Island, and Seal Rocks is the best place to watch all the action unfold. Here, the local colony of 25,000 Australian fur seals bask in the afternoon sun, play with their mates, and dip into the ocean to hunt for their next supper. Visitors can watch from the shore or venture out on a wildlife cruise to watch the seals as the flit between the waves out at sea.

  • 3. Bird Watching

    Birds make up a massive part of Phillip Island’s animal species, and there are plenty of birdwatching opportunities to discover. For starters, you can watch the wading birds at the Rhyll Inlet wetlands, where long-legged prehistoric looking species cast majestic silhouettes against the horizon. Elsewhere, visitors can watch the annual shearwater migration from the wet and wild bluffs of Cape Woolamai.

    Around the island, numerous colourful birds flit between the treetops, so don’t forget to look up to see what’s lurking in the canopies above.

  • 4. Cuddle Koalas at the Conservation Centre

    Koalas are one of Australia’s most iconic critters, and at the Koala Conservation Centre, visitors can watch these special creatures play out their days in their natural habitat. Learn more about their unique behaviour, diet, and history on the island while at the centre.

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