How do you get around French Island?

How do you get around French Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/06/2023

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French Island is a beautiful paradise island off the coast of Victoria.

French Island has incredible landscapes of mangroves, saltmarsh, heaths, and woodlands. The best way to get around French Island is by walking or a bicycle. First, though you will need to get a ferry to French Island before you start exploring! Let’s go through some of the activities you can do when visiting French Island.


There is a range of different bushwalks you can do on French Island. The walks can be anywhere from an hour to over three hours! It’s recommended that you wear long pants and good walking shoes or boots.

Old Coast Road Track

The Old Coast Road Track walk takes an hour and a half to reach the Fairhaven Campsite. You will start this walk from the Tankerton Jetty and go north along the sandy track. There are two beautiful lookout points that show you a view of saltmarsh and Western Port to Hastings. The view of Western Port is beautiful to then see Hastings out in the distance. After you’ve taken in views from the lookout points, keep walking through the heathland and the woodlands. On this walk, you’ll see flora and fauna and even some birds such as the white-bellied sea eagle.

West Coast Wetlands Walking Track

You’ll start this track from Fairhaven Campsite to walk along the Pinnacles Track. There is a lot to see when on this walk. Some of the best spots to see are the Pinnacles Lookout, wildflowers, birds, Heifer, and Punt Swamps. The Pinnacles Lookout gives you a view of the greenery above the island. It’s a nice spot to stop and take in the scenic views.

Bike rides

There are a range of different bike rides you can do that can be a short trip or a full day. The bike rides will give you a chance to see different scenic lookout points, wildflowers, wildlife, and creeks on the island.

Fairhaven Beach

Fairhaven Beach is a great way to spend time relaxing and watching the waves crash into the sand. Or you can take a walk along the beach. There are beautiful sunsets at Fairhaven Beach, and you can sit back and watch the colours light up the sky.

French Island is only a short trip on the ferry from Phillip Island. A great way to explore French Island is by booking a tour. One of our favourite tours is the Phillip Island and French Island Adventure. On this tour, you start the day exploring the beautiful French Island. Then you will spend the evening on Phillip Island.


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