How to get to Phillip Island from Melbourne

Before you see the marvellous Little penguins, work out the best way to get there!

Phillip Island is one of the number one tourist destinations in Victoria. Home to an array of exceptional wildlife and landscapes. Figure out the best way to get to the marvellous Phillip Island with our guide on the easiest and most scenic journeys

  • By Car

    Undoubtedly the easiest option when heading to Phillip Island is by driving. Taking an hour and 30 minutes, simply needing to hop on the Monash Freeway to the South Gippsland Highway, to lastly the Bass Highway until you reach Phillip Island Road and reach the bridge that connects you to the glorious Phillip Island. This is quite a scenic journey, with the route heading parallel to the coastal ocean majority of the way. Giving you plenty of time to see Victoria’s magnificent landscape.

  • By Bus

    If you don’t own a car for the journey, a bus might be a better option. With the V/Line coach travelling from the inner city’s Southern Cross Station all the way until Phillip Island. It takes a total of 2 hours to get to San Remo bridge, as the bus stops along the way at the numerous stops in between. The journey from Melbourne requires a change of bus at Koo Wee Rup for the complete trip.

  • By Train

    If trains are more your style, you can take one partially the way. Catching a train from the city into the Dandenong region, which takes approximately 40 to 50 minutes, depending on which station you start from. Once you are here, you can either hop on a ferry or a bus!

  • By Ferry

    Whether you take a car, bus, or train, you can end your transport journey with a unique ferry trip. Hitching a ride at the Stony Point Jetty and taking a 45-minute journey across the choppy seas. This option is perfect for those new to Phillip island, as the picturesque scenery of the Victorian Coastline is well worth the cold winds.

  • By Air

    Travel to Phillip Island in style with Phillip Island’s very own Helicopters! It takes only 30 minutes from Melbourne, either beginning at Essendon Airport or Moorabbin Airport!

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