How to visit both the Great Ocean Road & Phillip Island

How to visit both the Great Ocean Road & Phillip Island

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/20/2019

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Find out if you can two of Victoria’s top tourist destination in one go!

Trying to get all the iconic attractions out of the way first? Both Phillip Island and the Great Ocean Road are listed at the very top of Victoria’s greatest wonders. Kill two birds with one stone and adventure out for a holiday truly awe-inspiring, visiting cute little penguins to pristine coastlines in only a couple days, But first working out how to get to both areas in one go, can help you organise your time and enjoyment.

  • Ferry

    The easiest way to travel to and from Phillip Island and Great Ocean Road is by ferry. Starting from 1987, the ferry started from the small peninsula princess, slowly growing in popularity it introduced two states of the state ferries became the quickest way between the two states of-the-art vessel that are capable of holding 80 vehicles and 700 passengers. The ships operate from 6 am until 7 pm, crossing back and forth 24 times a day. The ferry spaciously comfortable lounges with full-length windows so you can enjoy the view from the inside. With even a playground and colouring corner to entertain the kids. Beginning at Queenscliff Harbour and arriving at Sorrento Pier. If you are in for a real treat, set sail with the lunch offered. Enjoying lunch while you cruise along the ocean to your next destination. The 40-minute trip will be so enjoyable it will disappoint you to arrive so quickly.

  • Car

    For a much longer journey, strap into your newly hired a car and set off. Lasting up to four hours, your journey takes you back up to Melbourne, and along the countryside until you reach the coast. Although this requires much more effort, the sites you see along the way are worth it. Stopping off along the way for a couple nights can always be an option, giving you a better chance to see the smaller areas along the way.

  • Train

    You can defiantly hop on a train to get down to the coast, but it, unfortunately, doesn’t take you all the way. Taking a bus or a car to Stony point will get you to the station where you need to take three separate trains to get to Warrnambool and take a bus or car from that point onwards. As you can see it is quite confusing and frustrating to do public transport so we would give this one a miss.

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