Is there anything to do on French Island?

French Island is a bit of an anomaly even to Melbournians, who are well aware of its presence but unaware as to what, if anything, goes on there! French Island is vibrant Phillip Island’s quiet neighbour, the inner-bay isle where not much is going on but that’s exactly how those who live there – and travel there – want it.

But this doesn’t mean there is absolutely nothing to do there – French Island is actually one of Victoria’s ideal getaways for people searching for some peace, serenity and maybe even a healthy little detox.

After all, you’re on a near-deserted island that is pretty much devoid of all the city’s indulgent temptations, so why not take a little time to kick back, relax and let some of that fine French Island nature engulf you in its beauty?

Here are some truly peaceful experiences you can have down there:

French Island National Park

Where better a place to enjoy some peace and serenity than in a national park situated on a massive island with only around 100 people living on it? Enter French Island National Park, the perfect place to unwind on the wondrously tranquil island.

The national park comprises rugged shorelines, windswept beaches, swampy mangroves and saltmarshes, all combining to create an adventurous spot that is perfect for a day’s exploring.

What’s more, the national park is home to an abundance of Aussie animals, who find plenty of peace and quiet in this truly underpopulated part of Australia. One of the island’s most famous residents is the cuddly koala, who has its most plentiful population in the national park!

Cycle around the island

French Island is not accessible by car, so don’t show up to the ferry expecting to ram your 4WD up on it and go burning across the shoreline! Instead, French Island is an eco-island that is ideal for cycling.

But this is part of the adventure, as the ferry landing is on the other side of the island from, for example, the Fairhaven Campground, where you can get yourself a prime campsite location with ultimate national park access.

Hang out & camp!

As we’ve made it abundantly clear – French Island is a place for chilling. You won’t be partying hard and going wild, but you’ll be enjoying a gorgeous slice of repose the likes of which you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere so close to Melbourne…