The Best Eateries in Phillip Island

The Best Eateries in Phillip Island

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/14/2020

Reading time: 3 mins

After satisfying your thirst for adventure, please your taste buds at one of Phillip Island’s local eateries!

Enjoying a weekend down at Phillip Island is a treat for anyone, with this fabulous destination a popular getaway spot for both travellers and locals. Located only a short drive from the bustling city of Melbourne, Phillip Island boasts glorious ocean views and thick bushland. Visitors come here for the marvellous display of wildlife found in the region, with Phillip Island renowned for being the best spot to see the native animals of Australia. But after seeing these animals in person, most travellers will be next hunting for a spot to eat. Simply follow our guide on the best eateries to stop into to refuel on your Phillip Island adventure.

  • Cheeky Goose Café

    This café won’t just give you a delicious meal to gobble up, but a stunning scenery to enjoy while eating. Established in the beautiful 1933 Cowes Tudor Church, the café has brought this historic building back to life. Celebrating the unique style by matching it with the relaxing ambience and delicious food menu. Owned by Chef Robert van den Brink, who uses his many years of experience to serve the local Cowes culture with the fresh local produce of Phillip Island. The menu is everchanging, with summer and winter menus which blend together with both the hot and cold days perfectly. It is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even drinks, so no matter what the time you can stop in and enjoy this local gem!

  • Rusty Water Brewery Restaurant & Bar

    If you enjoy a cold crisp beer, Rusty Water Brewery is your dream spot! Found amidst the lush bushland, this local brewery is all about welcoming every stranger into its doors. It is a local favourite, with many regulars coming to enjoy the outdoor balcony that looks out onto the thick bushland. Boasting an extensive menu of both beers and wine, a lot of which have won numerous awards. The menu is everchanging and uses the freshest locally sourced products and ingredients wherever possible, to match the beer and wine served perfectly. If you are unsure which beer to try first, why not grab one of the popular tasting platters, which offer a rainbow of colour, from summer beers to dark ales!

  • The Cape Kitchen

    Enjoy a truly marvellous view to go with your meal at this stunning eatery. Nestled right along the seaside front, The Cape Kitchen is perfect for a dreamy lunch amidst the sea breeze. Supporting regional, Victorian and Australian producers, the Kitchen’s menu is carefully sourced and thoughtfully created. The meals are on the fancier side, with each plate carefully created to form mouth-watering delights. Many just come here for the view, trying out the delicious wine served while enjoying the nibbles on offer. However, if you are in the mood for a bigger meal, The Cape Kitchen will not disappoint!

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