Things to Do in the Fishing Village of San Remo

Things to Do in the Fishing Village of San Remo

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/12/2018

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Phillip Island is best-known for its host of native species, but there are also some hidden gems tucked away, like San Remo, an old fishing village that is a popular tourist destination today.

The quaint town is filled with fish-focused eateries and the chance to dig deep into the fascinating history of the fishing trade and the surrounding island.

Things to Do in San Remo

There is plenty to keep you busy while visiting this charming part of the island, whether you want to explore the lengthy history, try some of the delicious food, or simply sit and soak up the local atmosphere.

  • Greet the Fishing Boats

    Fishing is a still a major part of San Remo life, and you can greet the fishing boats as they return back each day packed full of fresh seafood. When the boats get back to shore, you can buy some of the fresh produce or even try your hand at catching your own meal. Exploring this authentic part of island life is a must-do in the region.

  • Tuck into Delicious Seafood

    No visit to San Remo is complete without trying some of the delicious seafood available. At the Fisherman’s Cooperative, you can buy fish as fresh as it comes, or pick one of the many local restaurants that all have menus bursting with delicious fresh flavours that are cooked up into mouth-watering recipes.

  • Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

    San Remo boasts a lengthy and rich history, all of which can be explored from its pretty shores. Here, you can walk in the age-old footsteps of the town along the cliffs from San Remo to Kilcunda. This is known as the George Bass Coastal Walk, and promises breath-taking views across the coastline and out to sea. On the way, you can dip down onto isolated beaches, discover hidden bays, and pass by the famous Quarry Rocks, where stone was once quarried to build the Melbourne business chambers.

  • Discover Local Life

    San Remo’s atmosphere is the epitome of island life, and you can soak up the laidback lifestyle by kicking back in one of the lively cafes or restaurants. Elsewhere, there are plenty of local jewellers and artisan shops to duck into and pick up a souvenir in. And, if you’re planning on staying in town, there are a whole host of hotels, resorts, and charming local accommodation to choose from.

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