Where to stay on Phillip Island?

Where to stay on Phillip Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/28/2020

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Unwind in this stunning region, with some fabulous accommodation ready to welcome you with open arms.

Want a weekend away in the picturesque wonderland that is Phillip Island? Are you fantasying about a relaxing stay amidst lush greenery and indulgences aplenty? Or perhaps you are simply looking for a place to sleep after cramming your day with sightseeing? No matter what your accommodation tastes are, Phillip Island has you covered. Follow our guide to the best places to stay to really make the most of your visit to this picture-perfect destination.

  • An Indulgent Break: Glen Isla House

    Offering an elegantly designed accommodation, with visitors able to choose a completely private retreat or warm and accommodating stay amidst the relaxing setting. Choose from deluxe suites, historic rooms originally part of the 1870 homestead, or even your very own cottage. The entire estate is surrounded by lush greenery, with the beach out back, and a number of historic attractions nearby. If this hasn’t convinced you maybe the raving reviews or multiple awards will persuade you to stay at the Glen Isla House.

  • A Cheaper Alternative: Cowes Caravan Park

    The Cowes Foreshore Tourist Park is set on 10 acres of pristine parkland, nestled right against the calm-water bay. Offering a range of accommodation styles depending on your budget, with camping, caravan sites, glamping options, and even beachfront cabins. This is great for families, with playgrounds, arcades, picnic facilities, and beach fun all on offer throughout the year.

  • A Relaxing Stay: Clifftop

    Whether you are visiting for a romantic getaway, a wildlife adventure, or even a lavish celebration, Clifftop is a terrific choice. Between Smiths Beach, Bass Strait and a sparling stretch of farmland, Clifftop is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Choose from a range of private rooms, all that offer different amenities and luxuries.

  • For the Backpackers: The Island Accommodation

    Designed in an eco-friendly style, the Island Accommodation is all about community. Perfect for those looking to make friends and save their extra cash for experiences. The open-plan spaces make it easy for travellers to make friends and relax together, with even a rooftop deck to see magnificent views of the surrounding island. There are several types of rooms on offer, from private suites to multi-share rooms, perfect for families, groups of friends, couples, or solo travellers!

  • For Hotel Lovers: North Pier Hotel

    Nestled in the bustling region of Phillip Island, North Pier Hotel is perfect for those wanting to be in the middle of the action. Just a stone’s throw across from Victoria’s only North facing coastlines Cowes, this hotel offers a unique atmosphere with beach vibes, bustling restaurant atmosphere, and boutique ambiance.

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