What is there to do in Phillip Island at night?

What is there to do in Phillip Island at night?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/17/2019

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With outstanding coastal sights and an abundance of Australian wildlife, one day may not be enough for Phillip Island.

With a large portion of visitors staying at least one night within the stunning scenery. But with an infinite amount of daily activities, some may find Phillip Island limited during the night. This, however, is not the case with many activities open well into the nights, and others opening its doors after sunset. Promising not just a great day, but an exceptional night within Phillip Island.

  • Penguin Parade

    This activity is the biggest draw for visitors and is actually only available after nightfall. The penguin parade is essentially the best spot to see the ‘little penguins’, the smallest and cutest penguins in existence. These little creatures hang out in the sea during the day, but head up onto shore after sunset, waddling up along the sand until they reach their nests. The Penguin Parade offers multiple viewing areas to see this late-night waddle to bed, with the standard, underground, or deluxe options including commentary with a professional.

  • Nobbies Centre

    This information centre sits right on top of the coast’s clifftops, guaranteeing a stunning view of the ocean front and nearby surrounds. Here you can learn all about Phillip Island, learning the history about the area as far back when only the aboriginal people inhabited the area. Afterwards, you can enjoy a breathing walk along one of the many tracks that are home to exceptional lookout points. This centre closes at around 8 pm so you can enjoy the end of the day with this activity.

  • Phillip Island Circuit

    For all those sports fans out there, why not visit the Grand Prix circuit at Phillip Island? This track is iconic in the Grand prix history, dating back to 1956. This centre closes at 6pm so you can enjoy a pre-dinner activity to get your appetite up! Either try out the visitor cars or watch the pros do their thing.

  • Phillip Island Wildlife Twilight Cruise

    Enjoy a romantic cruise out to the outer ocean with the Island’s Wildlife Coast Cruise. There are a number of cruises to choose from, but if you are looking for a later activity, the twilight cruise is best. This promises a perfect sunset glow while you travel along the shores of Phillip Island. With tasty nibbles and delicious bubbles, you can enjoy the view with a side of dinner. There is even a longer cruise which lets you off at Stony Points Market, giving you time to grab the goodies on offer there.

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