Phillip Island MotoGP

Attend the Phillip Island MotoGP

See the best drivers in Australia compete on this world-class circuit!

Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit

Phillip Island may be famous for its adorable penguin parade, its fabulous fur seal colonies and its mouthwatering chocolate factory, but there is even more to this tiny island than meets the eye. Being the home to one of the country’s best car and motorbike circuits around! Speed demons and those who love to live life in the fast lane will find their needs satiated with Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. It is listed as one of the greatest racing destinations to visit in Australia, but you don’t even need to be an auto enthusiast to enjoy it! As the attraction has a series of fantastic events and activities on offer year-round! Still unsure? See for yourself and you join in on one of the many great features!

  • Feed your need for speed

    On the famous circuit you can find a whole host of motoring events from the Moto GP to the World Superbike Championship and even the V8 Supercar series. Suffice to say those who flock to Philip Island to visit the grand prix circuit are passionate about fast fuelled vehicles that have plenty of power. This incredible playground is perfect for the whole family and offers plenty of opportunities to find out all about the MOTO Grand Prix and to even get behind the wheel.

  • Go Kart fun for the family

    Families can indulge in go kart fun with the impressive track modeled on the actual MOTO track, stretching an incredible 720 meters long and with eight lanes in some places. Racing around this incredible track offers the perfect blend of exhilaration and control with the smoothest curves and the best go karts in the industry.

  • Experience the track first hand

    If you want to skip the toys and indulge in the real deal then the hot lap’s circuit will have you clinging on as you careen around the track in a supercar with a fully experienced racing driver. This is your chance to see how it really feels to be behind the wheel just like a racing driver, the cars are fully prepped for the real deal and you can strap in to your five point harness and get ready for the ride of your life.

  • Soak up the atmosphere of race day

    There are always tons of public events on at the exciting Philip Island MOTO Grand Prix Circuit and the race days are always buzzing with energy. Join in with the throngs of crowds, call out your own cheers and sit on the edge of your seat as you watch the high level vehicles hurtle around the track. Philip Island is one of the best places in Australia to live the dream when it comes to feeding your need for Grand prix fun. Whether you love superbike style of if you are more of a BMW enthusiast you can see it all on race days surrounded by the breath-taking scenery that Phillip Island has to offer.

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