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How to Enjoy the Sunset at Phillip Island

One of the most magical experiences in Victoria is witnessing a Phillip Island sunset.

The sunsets at Phillip Island are truly unforgettable!

Known for its flora and fauna, Phillip Island is set right along the picturesque coast of Victoria. Almost every spot on Phillip Island is surrounded by thick bushland or stunning beaches. Because of its landscape, several areas on the island have the potential to be a perfect sunset spot.

· Summerland Beach

Summerland Beach Sunset

Summerland Bay Beach is one of the best places to visit when exploring Phillip Island. The beach is home to the world-famous Penguin Parade, drawing in thousands of visitors every year. Every night, many visitors head to Summerland Beach to see the Little Penguins.

The best time to arrive at the beach is just before sunset. You will have time to secure a spot and watch as the sun slowly drifts across the sky. Be sure to take in the scenery as the sky changes to a gorgeous colour gradient and the ocean sparkles under the sun. Once the sun disappears past the horizon, the main event will begin.

If you stick around after sunset, you will be able to witness the iconic Penguin Parade. You will notice tiny penguins slowly popping up out of the water, returning to land after a long day of fishing. They will then parade across the beach, making their way to the sand dunes where they will burrow in their nests for the night.

· Magiclands

The Magiclands Sunset

To reach the Magiclands, you will set off from Woolamai Beach and walk towards the staircase that leads up to the Cape Woolamai track. Instead of heading up, walk further along and you’ll reach an enchanting landscape known as Magiclands.

This location is best visited at low tide so that you can get a better view of the rock formations covered in bright green moss. The deep earth tones of the moss and rocks coming together make for a truly unforgettable sight. Seeing these rocks during the sunset enhances them even further as they are illuminated by the setting sun. Simply bring a beach towel or picnic blanket and set up on the soft sands of the beach. Sit back and relax, taking in the tranquil surroundings for a picture-perfect sunset experience!

· The Rhyll Conservation Walk

If you are after a sunset stroll, why not head down the smooth boardwalk of the Rhyll Conservation Walk. This trail weaves between Conservation Hill Reserve and Rhyll, making for a stunning scenic trip along the thick bushland and still waters. At the trailhead section, there is usually a mob of Wallabies hanging about the grassland. You may be able to spot them hopping around and eating the grass near the trail.

From the trailhead, make your way down to the Rhyll Inlet and enjoy the gorgeous boardwalk. The boardwalk will lead you through the Mangroves as the setting sun reflects onto the tranquil water. Embarking on a sunset stroll is a great way to see the changing scenery as the sun slowly sets.

· The Pinnacles

Phillip Island Pinnacles Sunset

Phillip Island’s Pinnacles are remnants of an ancient volcano that used to sit nearby. They can be found on the stunning ocean coastline and make for a perfect natural sunset spot. You can reach a lookout over the pinnacles by following a hiking trail from the Cape Woolamai Beach car park. The short walking trail will take you to the top of the clifftops, which provide spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. The beach and clifftops are enhanced even more in the glowing sun, with the jagged rock formations illuminated by the sun. A sunset at the Phillip Island Pinnacles is truly a marvellous sight to see in person.

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