Nobbies Centre, Phillip Island

Summerlands, Victoria 3922

Phillip Island is bursting with incredible wildlife encounters and magical scenery, all of which can be explored and admired from the Nobbies Centre.

Nobbies Centre

The centre can be found to the very west of the Phillip Island, and invites visitors to dive deeper into the natural beauty of the region via technological displays and interactive exhibits. Sitting pretty on the edge of an impressive cliff, you can expect breath-taking views out across the surrounding landscape, much of which is dedicated to conservation efforts and eco-tourism developments.

Things to See and Do at the Nobbies Centre

  • Watch the Resident Seal Colony

    The Nobbies was the very first place in the country to integrate defence technology cameras that let visitors zoom in on the largest colony of Australian fur seals that call the rocks around the centre home. This offers a great opportunity to look out over the seal colony as the languish and frolic on the rocks and in the water.

  • Check Out the Bird Life

    As well as seals, the landscape surrounding the Nobbies Information Centre is full of colourful bird species. Many different varieties nest and feed on the cliffs, so keep your eyes peeled!

  • Learn About Life on Phillip Island

    Inside the centre, new-age screens display short presentations that dive into the life and habitat of Phillip Island. Here, you can learn more about the seals and birds you watched earlier.

Get Outside

The Nobbies Broadwalk

Outside the Nobbies Centre, there are numerous activities that let you dig deeper into the wildlife of the region and soak up even more beautiful views. The observation deck (which is perhaps the most popular part of the centre) offers the best vantage point for watching the colony of seals, but it also offers views right out to the Flinders National Park where, if you’re lucky, you can spot Western Port Bay in the distance.

Elsewhere, there’s an onsite boardwalk that hug the cliff and promises spectacular views of the Bass Strait and the jaw-dropping scenery below. Visitors are able to follow it round to catch a glimpse of the east coast.

From the end of the boardwalk, you can see the famous blowhole – another of the centre’s most popular attractions.

The centre hosts an incredible range of displays and information, but there is even more to do outside – from spotting seals and birds, to strolling in the gardens and marvelling at the Little Penguins as they prepare for a day of fishing.

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