The Little Penguin – Phillip Island

Discover Phillip Island’s most beloved native, learning about them and seeing first hand while on your holiday!

When visiting Victoria, listed on everyone’s bucket list is a visit to Phillip Island. It is bursting with amazing landscapes and beautiful sea views. However, the main draw for tourist is famous for its little penguins. The Australian penguins are the smallest penguins in the world and are renowned for their nightly waddle up to shore along the Phillip Island’s coast. But why do these penguins choose Phillip Island to be there home?

About the Fairy Penguins

The name ‘little penguins’ is the perfect fit for these creatures, as they are the world’s smallest penguin species. They stand at an average of 33 centimetres tall and only weighs around 1 kilogram. With dark blue feathers on their backs, white feather on their belly, and pink feet, these adorable animals will waddle into your heart. Living in colonies and spending the majority of their time in the sea searching for food, the only time these creatures venture to land is at night. They nest along the coast, returning to their nests to rest.

Why Do They Go to Phillip Island?

The Penguins natural environment is the ocean, as they spend 80% of their time at sea. However, when they do come to land, they are only found along the southern coast of Australia as well as New Zealand. This is their natural habitat and has been for decades, long before the growth of humans. Back in the day, little penguin colonies were common on Australian Mainland. But due to dangers including construction, population increase, and dogs or foxes, the majority of colonies are found on offshore Islands. The Penguins have called Phillip Island their home for thousands of years, with the penguin parade commencing in the 1920s. Phillip Island’s colonies have decreased over the years, with nine colonies out of ten becoming extinct. It is now home to approximately 32, 000 little penguins.

How You Can See the Penguins

To see these cute little creatures, visit the Penguin Parade. The famous Penguin Parade is held every evening at sunset on the island where tourists and locals alike can experience the penguins in their natural habitat.This attraction offers you an exceptional and environmentally friendly way to . Penguin parade offers different viewing options for you to choose from. The standard viewing includes the standard stadium, seating first in first served. If you are interested in getting a bit closer to the action, try out the upgrade Penguin Plus. This is a completely different viewing platform, which is closer to the penguin’s path. The design of the penguin plus platform has been inspired by the natural elements surrounding the beach, making a natural viewing experience. This platform also includes a detailed commentary on the penguin’s lives, behaviours, habitats and history. A great addition for visitors who are interested in learning more about these cute little animals.

If that’s not enough, they have created a Penguin Parade app for your smartphone or tablet to watch the penguins burrow into their homes, view photos daily, and learn more facts about the little guys.

Phillip Island is located only 90 minutes from the busy city of Melbourne. It’s a wonderful excuse to get out of town and enjoy the natural beauty of Australia. The island boasts over 100 activities, including some of the best surf in the south of the country. But the most popular attraction by far are the penguins. This is the only place in the world where you can see penguins in nature at a commercial venue. The Phillip Island Nature Park where the penguins reside was built back in 2006 and has been a favourite ever since it opened.

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