Animals and Adrenalin – Getting to Know Phillip Island

Animals and Adrenalin – Getting to Know Phillip Island

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/16/2015

Reading time: 3 mins

Phillip Island is like a little world of its own – picture perfect scenes of sprawling beaches and shallow waters mix with lush greenery and a colourful array of wildlife.

Set just off the coast of Melbourne, it’s a tiny bit of paradise full of fun things to do and fascinating sights to see. So, where do you begin?

Relax on the beach

Let’s start nice and easy. Phillip Island is framed by numerous pearlescent beaches, each with their own personalities. There are surf beaches, wild, rugged beaches, and beaches perfect for taking the whole family to. Whether you want to test out your skill on the waves, explore the vibrant underwater world, or simply kick back and relax with a book, there’s a beach for you.

Get to know the animals

Thanks to its lush scenery and peaceful surroundings, Phillip Island makes the ideal home for a number of wild animals. Luckily, they’re happy to share their environment with visitors, so you can get up close and personal with some of Australia’s cutest creatures.

Love koalas? On Phillip Island there is a conservation park dedicated to these fluffy critters. Visitors can stroll amongst the greenery and spot the resident koalas hanging out in the trees, or you can head to the interactive area and learn more about koalas and their natural habitat.

Or is it penguins that bring a smile to your face? The famous Penguin Parade takes place every day at sunset, where you can see Little Penguins waddling up out of the sea after a long hard day spent fishing.

There are plenty of birds, too, in all different shapes, sizes, and colours. Grab some binoculars and get spotting some of the resident birds.

Make some noise with the motorsports

Phillip Island isn’t just for nature lovers, though. If you’re a hard-core adventure traveller then the picturesque motor circuit might just be the place for you. Whizz around the Grand Prix Circuit in a super car, or get behind the wheel of a motorbike and get your adrenalin pumping.

Soak up the culture

There is a wealth of cultural activities on Phillip Island where you can get to grips with its fascinating heritage and learn about the laidback lifestyle. Visiting in summer? Then the Summer Island Carnival is a must-see, with a selection of colourful events and fun activities. There’s the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory, too, for those with a sweet tooth, and the Caldermeade Farm and Café, where you can experience the farming lifestyle amidst the beautiful scenery.

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