The Best Beaches on Phillip Island

The Best Beaches on Phillip Island

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/18/2015

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Phillip Island is dotted with amazing beaches. Find out which stunning coastline spot you should visit during your Phillip Island adventure!

Phillip Island is one of the most picturesque natural hotspots in the whole of Australia. Situated just off the coast of Melbourne, Victoria, it is a scenic delight filled with native wildlife, cultural attractions, and incredible scenery.

One of the main reasons people visit Phillip Island is for its top-notch collection of beaches that span the coastline. Framed by white sands and cobalt blue waters, this island is like paradise. The coastline is filled with pristine beaches for sunbathing, surfing, and swimming opportunities.

Here are some of the best beaches on the island!

· Woolamai Surf Beach

Woolamai Surf Beach is actually made up of two beaches: Surf Beach and Safety Beach! If you’re looking to try your hand at surfing, or if you already consider yourself a pro, head to Woolamai Beach. The beach is famed for its strong rips and currents, which are perfect for surfing. It guarantees an adventurous day, filled with sun-kissed sand and large wave swells.

Safety Beach is a well-patrolled beach with plenty of action to keep you busy. Located on the opposite side of Surf Beach, this beach is suited to families and visitors looking for a more laid-back atmosphere. The high tide results in deeper waters great for swimming, whereas the low tide is perfect for a romantic wander down the beach.

If you aren’t much of a swimmer, you can trek up to Cape Woolamai lookout. It is known as the tallest point on Phillip Island, which means you’re in for some incredible views!

Phillip Island Woolamai Surf Beach

· Kitty Miller Bay

If you are up for discovering what’s under the water’s surface, Kitty Miller Bay has you covered. This location is perfect for a snorkelling adventure! It’s packed with deep rock pools bursting with starfish, colourful marine plants, and even some fish. The entire bay stretches out 500 metres in length and is quite sheltered from the strong currents of the open sea. If you’re an adventurer, embark on the nearby hike to discover the remains of the shipwreck from 1906. This shipwreck is also known as the SS Speke.

· Smiths Beach

Situated to the south of the island and tucked away in a secluded bay, Smiths Beach offers calm waves and gentle surf for beginners. This is another beach that is well-patrolled, and its bay-side location gives it a more relaxed, peaceful vibe.

· Shelly Beach

For a more relaxed surfing experience, head to Shelly Beach which boasts small waves perfect for beginners. As well as water sports, it’s also an ideal sunbathing spot with a quiet atmosphere and incredible views.

· Cowes Main Beach

Cowes Beach is undoubtedly the most popular beach on Phillip Island! The beach is in a perfect location with calm waters and soft sand. It’s patrolled during the summer months, which makes it the perfect beach for families.

The beach is actually the biggest north-facing beach in the entire state of Victoria. Due to its popularity and proximity to a town, it is easy to access food and drink spots from the beach. There are also plenty of picnic areas, cafes, and BBQ areas all within walking distance.

Phillip Island Cowes Beach

· Ventnor Beach

If surfing’s not your thing – don’t worry! Ventnor Beach is situated on the northern coast of the island and prohibits surfing. Instead, the beach offers a calm and peaceful backdrop for sunbathers and swimmers. It is long and narrow, perfect for visitors to spread out and enjoy their own space of uninterrupted paradise.

Pack a picnic and enjoy a full day in the sun – just don’t forget your sunscreen! You can even stay to catch the soft glow of the sunset disappearing beyond the ocean horizon.

· Cowes Beach

Cowes Beach is another stretch of sand situated on the northern coast of the island. It’s a popular place for families with its shallow waves and a plethora of facilities and amenities dotting the shoreline. Grab a bucket and spade and an ice cream and you’ll fit right in!

· Berrys Beach

Berrys Beach certainly isn’t the biggest beach on Phillip Island, but it is one of the best! Nestled only about ten minutes from Cowes Beach, the only way to access this beach is by the wooden stairs connected to the nearby car park. The beach doubles as a lookout as well, with clifftop views of the stunning surroundings. There are big enough waves to entertain the surfers but also shallow rock pools to keep nature lovers busy.

· Red Rocks Beach

Set against a backdrop of impressive red rocks, this beach is sheltered and sandy, providing the perfect place to splash around in the shallows and relax in front of amazing sea views. Although it isn’t patrolled, its calm waters are usually fine for most swimmers!

Phillip Island Red Rocks Beach

· Surf Beach

For hardcore surfers, Surf Beach is the place to go. The large waves and strong currents mean it’s not recommended for swimming, but it’s ideal for pro surfers. It’s a great location to catch some waves against a backdrop of incredible landscapes.

· Summerland Beach

This beach isn’t famous for its waters, but it offers something even better. If you’re seeking a unique wildlife experience, then Summerland Beach is a must-visit. The beach is the setting for Phillip Island’s famous Penguin Parade. The Little Penguins of Phillip Island call Summerland Beach their home, digging their burrows deep under the grassy beach shores!

You can access the white sandy shores of this beach until dusk, swimming and surfing the day away. At sunset, the area is cleared to make way for the penguins that come ashore as night falls. The penguin parade platforms allow visitors to see these creatures waddle up safely to shore. Meanwhile, the professional staff details the facts and daily lives of these incredibly cute animals.

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